April 13, 2024

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MÖTLEY CRÜE – New Demo Song Featuring John Corabi On Vocals

MÖTLEY CRÜE has been under the microscope as of late as the legendary glam metal band prepares to launch their long-awaited comeback tour this summer.

Easily the biggest story developing out of Crue’s camp right now is the rumors that continue to surface about Nikki Sixx wanting to replace the troubled Vince Neil again.

As the story goes, upon completion of what was supposed to be the Crue‘s last-ever tour in 2016, Mick Mars began working on a new project with ex-Crue singer John Corabi, who provided the lead vocals on the Crue’s 1994 self-titled album.

That being said, word is that last year Nikki Sixx told Mick Mars that he wants to let John Corabi sing on the final Crue record, not Vince, and it’s so serious of a matter that Sixx allegedly had Corabi sign a confidentiality agreement so he could not tip off the mainstream news media or anyone else asking questions as to what is really happening currently.

It now appears that the so called “beef” between Sixx and Corabi was only a cover up to be used so that nobody could be tipped off about Vince Neil being ousted once again.

TMD has learned that Sixx, Tommy Lee and Mars decided to go ahead and move forward with secret rehearsals without Vince Neil, so that the band could reconnect musically with Corabi once again and do it covertly without anyone knowing about it. This is all being done in coordination with the ultimatum Sixx gave Neil to lose 50 pounds within one month of the June/2022 kick off date or be fired for insubordination.

insubordination[ˌinsəˌbôrdəˈnāSH(ə)n] NOUN defiance of authority; refusal to obey orders.”he was dismissed for insubordination”

Vince Neil’s downfall in the public has been nothing short of spectacular, so Sixx and Co. know they are dealing with a very delicate situation. Once Neil began to fall apart at solo concerts last year, including actually falling off the stage, after making a sloppy drunk Cameo video, and then this month ditching rehab plus buying a $10,000 bottle of booze instead, Sixx ultimately wants to go ahead and commit to the idea of bringing Corabi back. Can you blame him?

Dr. Feelgood: Vince Neil is drinking himself to death, according to Al Bowman

There is said to be one clause in the band’s contractual agreement that was made between all original four members which stipulates if any member of the band has a drug or alcohol problem, the other three members can vote him out and that member can indeed be replaced.

This is why Lee and Neil have been feuding hard with one another, because Lee has been clean and sober and Neil is not.


On 2/22/2022, Corabi dropped a scorching new single that shockingly throws shade at the Vince Neil dilemma, singing “You lost it all!” He even goes as far as to blame Neil’s ongoing health and mental problems on “your disease.”

Half of Motley Crue Together Again… what does the future hold?

Initially hooking up less than three weeks after the Crue’s final show, Mars and Corabi first began recording new music together in Nashville’s Blackbird Studios. It was the first time in roughly 20 years that the former Crue vocalist jammed new music with a founding member of MÖTLEY CRÜE.

And the music that Mars and Corabi worked on together in Blackbird Studios was so explosive and off the hook “slamming” (Mars’ own words) that once Sixx and Lee heard it, they wanted to do whatever it takes to get John back in the band again. Tommy Lee has gone on the record saying that the album the Crue cut with Corabi was musically the best one they ever did.

In fact, Mars has now decided to ditch releasing a solo record altogether. So now the songs he and Corabi recorded are being reworked with Sixx and Lee so they can officially become “Crue” songs, believe it or not.

One of the songs that Mars and Corabi worked on together at Blackbird Studios has a working title of “Shake The Cage” and this song is being considered now to make the final MÖTLEY CRÜE album. Listen to a demo version of the song HERE or down below.