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BLUDGEONED – To Release “Summary Execution” EP

There’s a new name in the field of brutal death metal, one that is poised to make a massive, indelible impact on the worldwide scene. Formed in 2018, Bludgeoned refined their sound and adjusted their line-up until everything was in place to deliver a truly monstrous opening gambit, a first strike so deadly it simply could not be ignored. Now it is time to present the firestorm of savagery that is Summary Execution!

Washington state residents front man Jonathan Huber (I Declare WarPathologyWhitechapel etc) and guitarist Sean May (Covidectomy) found their ideal skin hammerer in Connecticut teenage YouTube sensation Nikhil Talwalkar (Anal StabwoundEngulfed In Repugnance etc). Nikhil recorded a drum cover of Defeated Sanity’s ‘Suttee’ aged just 15, which Defeated Sanity’s Lille Gruber himself described as “AMAZING!”. Together this formidable team have recorded the obscenely heavy EP, Summary Execution which, when it was streamed on Slam Worldwide in late November of 2021, caught the ear of Traumatomy axe-man Constantine Chevardin, who immediately signed Bludgeoned up to his renowned Vile Tapes label (Putrified J etc) for a full, physical release. When songs like ‘Circadian Servitude’ and ‘Genocidal Processes’ are unleashed shockwaves will be felt throughout the deepest pits of the metal underground. Bludgeoned possess not only formidable firepower but also the ability to craft wildly intense songs that harbour deceptively addictive hooks. This is true song writing, hidden within the body of an out of control monster.

Vile Tapes will release Summary Execution on February 10th on jewel case CD, digi-pack CD and black and bronze cassettes, with an array of supporting merch and exclusive bundles. Mixed and mastered by Aberrant Construct’s Mychal Soto this debut EP hits with enough force to decimate all that stand in its way. Devotees of destruction, brothers in brutality, prepare yourself for Bludgeoned and await your summary execution!

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