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Report – Happy New Year: 2022 Is The Year Of Vince Neil

Legendary rock journalist, Randy “Rocket” Cody, has issued a New Year’s report, which also recaps his journalism from 2021, including the spectacular downfall of Vince Neil. Check it out HERE. Here are some excerpts:

In 2021, I was censored by the mainstream for my controversial journalism, seeing my personal Twitter profile get terminated without having been given any strikes or a warning. Even a past interview I did for a Switzerland based blog called This Drinking Life got banned in 2021. Why is everyone so afraid of my reporting?

Of course, I pulled off a few more hoaxes that fooled the mainstream media big time. In 2021, my Spotify podcast Rock And Roll Death Brigade continued to grow and was a lot of fun for me to do, so I plan to keep broadcasting more shows in 2022 for sure.

As for me naming 2022 as the year of Vince Neil, I find it totally perfect with all of the ridiculous build up over the last couple years for the Crue’s twice postponed comeback tour. With having suffered through such a disastrous year in 2021, the legendary Crue vocalist can now regain control of his crumbling rock music legacy when the band hits the stage for concerts in the summer of 2022 or undoubtedly, he will go down in flames in the most spectacular fashion possible.

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