June 18, 2024

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Vince Neil ‘Checks Into Rehab’ And Is ‘Seeking Treatment’ At A Facility In Texas

Troubled MÖTLEY CRÜE vocalist Vince Neil has purportedly turned himself in for treatment in Texas to help with his battle versus alcoholism. As the story goes, Vince was advised by his longtime friend Ozzy Osbourne to seek treatment at the same place the Osbourne’s sent their daughter Kelly to recently.

Kelly Osbourne, the daughter of legendary BLACK SABBATH rocker Ozzy Osbourne and talk show host Sharon Osbourne, is planning on quitting Hollywood once she recovers, the outlet reports.

Fans will recall the shocking claim by ex-Crue limo driver, Al Bowman, who said during a recent interview that Vince Neil is on a sad downward spiral due to his battle against the bottle.

A Little Help From My Friend… Vince Neil and his longtime pal Ozzy

Ozzy’s concern as a close friend is apparently why the sudden intervention was pulled on the Crue’s singer, this coming after Neil fell off the stage during a concert a couple months ago.


Nobody, not even any of his bandmates from the Crue knew this dramatic turn of events was going to happen to Vince Neil, because just like Kelly Osbourne’s secret intervention, Ozzy wanted to keep this quiet from everyone so that it would not make things more stressful on Neil.

Ozzy secretly checked him into the Texas facility. After last year’s drunken cameo going viral, his recent trouble with voice that led to cancelling several shows, and latest incident when he fell on stage resulting in breaking his ribs, now comes a new revelation by former MÖTLEY CRÜE limo driver Al Bowman, as a member of their “inner circle” during the CRÜE’s heyday, has officially confirmed that Vince is currently drinking himself to death.

According to a recent article by The Metal DenBowman states that the CRÜE’s satanic parties were held at an “Ivy-covered little old wooden house with darkened windows.”

Word is that the stress of the Crue making a comeback when Vince is in such bad shape is what’s continuing to push the glam metal singer over the edge. The fans demand for the band to come out of retirement after ‘The Dirt’ movie was released is being pointed to by Nikki Sixx as the reason things are going so difficult.

MÖTLEY CRÜE’s NIKKI SIXX: ‘We Never Intended On Getting Back Together’

No word yet on how this intervention will affect the Crue’s highly anticipated “Stadium Tour” that has already been postponed twice and is currently scheduled to happen in 2022.