April 18, 2024

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ALL WASTED – Debut New Lyric Video

“Towards the End” is a track taken from ALL WASTED album “Burn With Me” out via Wormholedeath worldwide.

ALL WASTED – A metal band from Gothenburg, Sweden. Created by members with the attitude that it’s time to “just have a damn good time”. After a couple of years of jamming and tuning in the “right style” the band decided to go public in 2020. Not only with a raw, energetic, punch in the face kind of music. But also with a full length album ready to go.

So what genre is it?

– Call it Rock ‘n roll – death or death ‘n roll or anything else that sounds cool!(?) But it’s energetic, heavy, punchy and easy listened at the same time. Just the right amount of trickiness, and party as hell. Just hard enough for the death metal heads, but still enough simple melodies for straight up rockers. There’s some “old school” in there for you as well as hardcore-punk”(?). Take a listen and you’ll know what we mean.


ALL WASTED´s members come from bands like: We Are The Catalyst, Arise, Reenact, Agaze, Last Kingdom, Debbie Ray… e.tc Join us on our journey…

All Wasted are:

Patrik – vocals

Erik – guitar

Emil – guitar/backing vocals

Hcan – drums

Jimmy – bass