PROFOND BARATHRE – Debut New Music Video

PROFOND BARATHRE – Debut New Music Video

Swiss post black-metal band PROFOND BARATHRE, comprised by members of Euclidean, are now streaming their entire third album “Tinnitus”, out now via Hummus Records.

Check out the music video for the song “Corpus” HERE.

“Tinnitus” is now playing in full at Invisible Oranges, who commented “Tinnitus is an austere, captivating journey that crashes down from the stars into fertile earth.”

Listen to the full album here.

Having released two full-length albums and a split release with Rorcal and Malvoisie, Profond Barathre conjure the cold grandeur of their native Switzerland with their thundering post-black-metal sound.  
Written in a couple of nocturnal sessions during the winter of 2017-2018, the band’s new album “Tinnitus” album was self-recorded in a very minimalistic way: no voices, no synths, no additional guitars and no samples. Just the three shadows of Profond Barathre playing their instruments in the dark crafting a cold and dismal sound that is elegant and affecting.  Order the album at this location.