April 19, 2024

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DEMON HUNTER – Debut New Single

DEMON HUNTER are now streaming “Loneliness (Resurrected),” the latest single from their upcoming release, Songs of Death and Resurrection (out March 5). The new version of the song purports to “embrace the band’s most melodic and haunting moments.” You can check it out above.

Vocalist Ryan Clark had this to say about “Loneliness (Resurrected)”: “When we played this song live in 2019—during the acoustic portion of the night—we pushed the limits of how slow we could do it. The slower we got, the more bleak it felt, and this only added to the vibe. After all, we were trying to channel a feeling of despair, allowing the song to truly embody its namesake. On the studio version of this ‘Resurrected’ track, you’ll hear my mom sing with me. My mom is my inspiration for singing in the first place, so it was very heartwarming to finally capture our voices together on a Demon Hunter record.”