June 20, 2024

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Mötley Crüe

"Saints Of Los Angeles" 

(Mötley Records – 2008)


 The thing that struck me the hardest after listening to this new Mötley Crüe album, the first studio work in eleven years from the infamous original lineup of Mars, Sixx, Neil and Lee, is that this just might be their most solid musical achievement as a rock band. “Saints Of Los Angeles” is produced with a serious punch for effect by James Michael and it’s clear from the start with knockout songs like "Face Down in the Dirt" and the literal show stopping "Down at the Whisky", that tabloid headlines and drug overdoses can now finally be set aside for once with this band, because the flatout truth is in the music, and there hasn't been one album released in 2008 that rocks quite like ole Mötley Crüe.

Perhaps most shocking is that Vince Neil's voice sounds much more searing and powerful here than it ever did back in the 80's. He simply shines on the album's title track and frankly every tune that is offered up. Combine his gutsy vocals soaring over the bluesy, Hendrix-style guitar shredding of the seemingly "Back From The Grave" Mars, with the spot on, punk'd out, low-end grumbling of Sixx on bass fused like molten steel to Tommy Lee's powerful drumming and what you get is pure magic… no matter what year it is. And fans of the fat, nasty riff will simply love the closer "Goin' Out Swingin", a song that sends a clear message to anyone who still doubts the Crue's incredible ongoing legacy in heavy music.



1. "L.A.M.F." – 1:23

2. "Face Down in the Dirt" – 3:44

3. "What's It Gonna Take" – 3:45

4. "Down at the Whisky" – 3:50

5. "Saints of Los Angeles" – 3:40

6. "Muther Fucker of the Year" – 3:55

7. "The Animal in Me" – 4:16

8. "Welcome to the Machine" – 3:00

9. "Just Another Psycho" – 3:36

10. "Chicks = Trouble" – 3:13

11."This Ain't a Love Song" – 3:25

12. "White Trash Circus" – 2:51

13. "Goin' Out Swingin" – 3:27