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CARPE NOCTEM – Debut New Song

Icelandic black metal act CARPE NOCTEM has unleashed a new song titled “Hrækyndill”, taken from their upcoming new split release with Árstíðir lífsins called “Aldrnari”. The album will be out in stores April 24th via Van Records .

Check out “Hrækyndill” above.

Carpe Noctem was formed in November 2005 by Andri (guitar) Alexander (vocals) and Helgi (drums). It started as a metal band, but in the course of 2-3 years it developed into a black metal band. Tómas (guitar) joined the band in 2008 and Árni (bass) in 2009. The band has released a demo (Myrkraverk – 2008) and an EP (Carpe Noctem – 2009).

The band plays uncompromising aggressive black metal with various musical influences, forming a raw, chaotic soundscape combined with Icelandic lyrics defiling Christianity and debasing the gods; Often referencing Norse mythology, apocalyptic prophecies and Icelandic black magic rituals.