April 15, 2024

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TOOL – Streaming New Album

After 13 long years the wait has come to an end and TOOL’s long-awaited new full-length album “Fear Inoculum” has officially been released. You can stream it in full below. If you’re more into actually owning the record, you can find it over at Amazon and iTunes as well.

“Tool’s greatest breakthrough was to meld dark underground metal with the ambition of art rock. Although Metallica wrote their multi-sectioned, layered songs as if they were composers, they kept their musical attack ferociously at street level. Tool didn’t. They embraced the artsy, bohemian preoccupations of Jane’s Addiction while they simultaneously paid musical homage to the relentlessly bleak visions of grindcore, death metal, and thrash. Even with their post-punk influences, they executed their music with the aesthetic of prog rock, alternating between long, detailed instrumental interludes and lyrical rants in their songs.” – All Music

Band Members

Danny Carey, Justin Chancellor, Adam Jones, Maynard James Keenan