July 18, 2024

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PATHOLOGY – Signs With Pavement Music

Southern California death metal act PATHOLOGY have signed a deal with Pavement Music. The band is currently in the studio finishing up work on their next album, due out later this year.

Pavement commented on the signing: “Back in the day Pavement was well known for its extreme metal roster. Well, the time has finally come to bring a bit of that back to the label. We are beyond excited to announce we have signed brutal death metal act Pathology to the roster. Heavy doesn’t even begin to describe this band. They are one of the most brutal bands of all time.”

Looking for a balance of unimaginable savagery and unique songwriting? Look no further… PATHOLOGY is here to deliver such chaos. This death metal quartet looks to spread their reign of brutality to fans across the world.

PATHOLOGY is epitomized as the ultimate death metal assault to the ears. Since their formation in 2006, the San Diego-based band has managed to release a new album almost every single year since their inception. The band’s hunger to churn out bludgeoning metal coupled with meaningful themes instantly separates them from the rest.

It comes as no surprise that PATHOLOGY have created some of the most vivid and grotesque death metal in the current genre. The founding members of PATHOLOGY have roots in other extreme death metal bands, such as drummer Dave Astor as the founding member of both the grind-spazz project THE LOCUST and militant death squad CATTLE DECAPITATION.

Band Members

Dave Astor – Drums
Daniel Richardson – Guitar
Ricky Jackson – Bass
Obie Flett – Vocals