July 24, 2024

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CHESTER BENNINGTON – Filmed With A Vril Alien

Watch The Shocking Slow Motion Analysis!

A few months after LINKIN PARK vocalist, Chester Bennington, was found deceased hanging from a door in his home in California, footage was posted online by his wife which apparently depicts him in Arizona shortly before he would have made his final trip back to his residence in Palos Verdes.

Footage Released Showing Chester Bennington Laughing And Joking Just 36 Hours Before His Death

View the original video for yourself right here…

Billboard reported:

“A day before his death, Chester Bennington, the late front man of Linkin Park, was filmed eating mystery flavored jelly beans with his children. His wife, Talinda Bennington, shared the video filmed 36 hours before Bennington took his life on Twitter on Saturday (Sept. 16). ”

Keep in mind, Chester was born in Phoenix, Arizona.

Shapeshifting 101: Don’t let the world see you shift! (Note: the strange growth protruding from the Man in Black’s hand is not photoshopped… that is real.)

“Bennington returned early from an Arizona vacation with his family and his body was found the following day by his housekeeper.”

Clearly, the viewer will see one of Chester’s kids seated next to him in the video, along with a mysterious ‘Man In Black’ on his other side, who is not identified. He looks to be older than Chester, so we know it’s not another one of his own children, right? It’s not his step father. It’s not John Podesta. It’s not Harvey from TMZ.

So who is it? Better yet.. WHAT IS IT?

Looking more closely at the UNKNOWN SUBJECT in the footage, and slowing the video down to .25 speed, the strange ‘Man In Black’ begins to suffer a malfunction with his shapeshifting technology and one of his fingers turns into a hideous dark reddish growth that suddenly protrudes from the center of his hand… as if part of some unholy technical ‘out of this world’ glitch!

Don’t believe it? Think this is some kind of elaborate hoax?

Upon conducting a special video analysis by way of blowing up a screen capture of the ‘Man In Black’ the moment his hand morphs out of control, the evidence is irrefutable.

The red arrow points to another strange bony crest that appears on alien’s head!

Next, the ‘Man in Black’ stands up to try and hide the fact that he is having difficulty getting his hologram to function properly.

There is no way to deny that what we are looking at here is a demonic draco vril alien posing as a human.

An online reptilian resource offers the background story on them:

“Reptilian humanoids are a proposed race of intelligent, supernatural, or highly developed reptile-like humanoids in mythology, popular fiction, pseudoscientific theories and in the writings of New Age conspiracists. They appear in some conspiracy theories, most notably those of Riley Martin, John Rhodes, David Icke, and in science fiction. Reptoids, a conjoined word defining Reptilian-Humanoid beings, is the most popular name used to describe these cryptid beings, although some authors also refer to them as lizardmen. Other names include Draconians, Saurians and Sauroids.”

In 2017, my reporting on the death investigation for Chester Bennington was turned into a hoax by the CIA controlled mainstream news media. It is my determination that Chester, along with his late pal, Chris Cornell, were both murdered for getting too close to a U.S. masonic/reptilian backed pedophile ring based out of Washington DC.

Today the scandal is called #Pizzagate.

The freemasons were born from The Order of the Knights Templar.

As the story goes, these sons of Satan are hellbent on defying God.

“Their Initiation Ceremony included not only Religious and Feudal Rituals but Homosexual Rituals, as well. The Order of the Knights Templar was, in fact, a Homosexual Warrior Elite. THEY were charged with renouncing Christ and Christianity, worshiping a cat or an idol, and “THAT at their initiation they were required to kiss the Templar receiving them on the Anus (or Backbone, KISSING THE ANUS RITUAL), on the Penis (or Navel), and on the Mouth, and THAT THEY were then told that they might have Carnal Copulation with one another and were to submit to it passively if required by another GAY Templar.” The Gay Templars were guilty of the major accusations cited above… THEY were founded in Jerusalem in 1118. Came under the influence of anti-Christian heresies and of surviving pre-Christian Cults, and that this was part of their sexual outlook. The Essential Homosexuality of the Knights Templar, he says, “did not reside in the Private or Personal Homosexual Activity of any specific members of the order. . . . The Homosexuality of The Order was part and parcel of its resistance to medieval Christianity.”

In 1312, the Pope officially disbanded the Order the Knights Templar, and those who managed to survive the massacre of 1307, and a Witch hunt by the King of France, did eventually get another opportunity to show their faces in public once again, though not as Templars.

They reemerged as masons, an unholy brotherhood and fraternal order that serves Lucifer.

Freemasonry essentially mimics the two fundamental sacraments of the Christian Church – baptism and communion.

All of the major players in politics, religion, the news media, Hollywood, pop music, etc… are members of this elite secret society. This allows them to be controlled via MKULTRA by these psycho alien hybrids!

Evangelical Truth site explains more about their mockery of Jesus Christ:

“It performs a Christless esoteric baptism in the Prince of Mercy degree when Masons pour water over the candidate and foolishly assure him ‘he has been purified’. It performs a blasphemous communion in the Knights Templar degree in which the candidate drinks communion from a human skull-cap in a Christ-mocking occult ceremony. It further performs a spurious communion in the Holy Order of High Priesthood degree followed by an anointing with oil. This mocks the biblical anointing of believers in both the Old Testament and the New Testament which demonstrated the favour of God upon an individual.”

“The origin of the blood red cross can be traced back to the Crusades in 1146. The then Pontiff, Pope Eugenius III, created the symbol and granted it to the Knights Templar as a mark of appreciation for their faithfulness to the church and their willingness to die in the advance of the cause of Roman Catholicism. The Black emblem is a red cross lying notably at an angle, accompanied by a crown underlain by the slogan In Hoc Sign Vinces. This symbolism was appropriated directly by the Masonic Knights Templar who own the same image. We should note that Constantine’s cross was not believed to be an upright cross as is found in most “Christian art,” but a pagan X. This would explain the tilt of the cross in this familiar symbol. The joining of the cross and crown most likely represents the uniting of the secular and religious power that occurred in the office of Emperor of the Roman Empire, with Constantine’s success.”

An online Crusaders reference site details further:

“The swastika, a Greek cross with lines projecting at right angles from each of its arms, has been found in many parts of the world. It was used by the ancient peoples of Central and South America as a symbol of the rain god. Moreover, the symbol can be found throughout much of the ancient Middle East and India. Scholars suspect that to some of these peoples the swastika served as a symbol of the sun and solar power. In India it became a symbol of the cosmos spinning around on its central axis and also of the Hindu god Vishnu. The Buddhists adopted it as the sign of the Buddha, particularly his teaching regarding the wheel of law. Eventually the symbol migrated to China where it was adopted as an emblem of abundance, long life, prosperity, and the totality of all living things. In the twentieth century the German Nazis adopted the swastika as their symbol. Since that time many people have come to view the swastika as a threatening image, representing the kind of racism, violence, and totalitarianism that characterized Nazi rule.”

Digging deeper, I found out that Chester Bennington purchased a home located in Gilbert, Arizona back in 2008. He paid 1.57 million. His band LINKIN PARK performed in the area regularly over the years.

The time to travel in the car between Gilbert and Sedona is 140 miles. That means in light traffic it is a 2 hr 27 min drive.

To travel in car from Gilbert to Fort Huachuca, AZ is 175 miles. 3 hr 4 min.

These sinister elites are covertly working with alien/human hybrids who are stationed underground in government sanctioned subterranean bases (like the ones located in Arizona) right now to abduct kids off the streets, and before they passed away both Chris and Chester were going to be part of documentary called “The Silent Children,” which delved into the dangerous world of killing stolen kids for profit.

Chris Cornell was said to have come into possession of a “Black Book”, just like in the unsolved case of The Black Dahlia Murder, where elite names were listed who all are connected to the elite pedophile ring.

The kicker is that it belonged to filthy rich convicted pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein, and listed in his ‘inner circle’ were the Clinton’s, Keven Spacey and, yes… Donald Trump.

My theory is that this ‘Man In Black’ you see right before your eyes in this shocking video had something to do with Chester’s death. This is why such a big time cover up by LAPD and the L.A. coroner’s office has occurred, in my opinion.

Did you know that Chester Bennington actually saw a UFO in Arizona before he died?

“Chester Bennington saw a UFO in Arizona right before he died. There are many conspiracies going on in this matter. It is believed Chester Bennington was facing some problems in his life after this incident…”

News Source: KIISFM.com

The late rock idol was definitely rattled hard by the UFO experience. Chester explained to the host Jo Jo Wright of L.A.’s KIISFM radio station.

“I got this creepy feeling that (what I saw) cannot be man made.”

– Chester Bennington, Linkin Park

Chester goes on to say in reference to his UFO sighting in Arizona:

“There’s a bunch of those secret bases that everybody knows about…”

Jo Jo’s top 40 in popular music show, “JoJo On The Radio,” is nationally syndicated in more than 60 markets. In addition, he co-hosts the MSN Internet show. He’s a real popular guy. There’s only one problem.

When freeze framing on the footage of Jo Jo, it is revealed via Jo Jo’s eyes that we are not dealing with a human being. The missing pupil in one and a vertical slit in the other, indicates this human/alien hybrid is in the midst of shapeshifting while interviewing Chester.

The hypnotic power of the reptilian eye is used to keep the MKUltra subject under control, pushing forth the agenda of what is called “alien disclosure.”

Sadly… Chester was being used as a pawn by these psychopath aliens, and nobody around him, or even somebody from his own family, were able to spot the deception.

You’ve Got Betty Draco Eyes, Jo Jo!

“The slave handler will also carry a black or grey spiral book with all their own slave’s access codes, triggers, cryptic keys and programs. All this will fit into a brief case. A working knowledge of hypnosis is helpful to understand how to deal with the slave in certain instances. Because the slave is under the most powerful combinations of mind-control and is so divided against his or her own self, it is almost impossible to have many problems with the slave if the handler does what he is supposed to do. However, some handlers get drunk or loan the slave to inexperienced people, etc. and problems do develop. Of course the slaves always end up taking the blame for everything that goes wrong. If the slave gets out of hand, because the handler doesn’t know what he is doing, a stun gun comes in handy to control the mismanaged slave. In other words, a brief case with the programming book and stun gun are basically all that is needed to control a Monarch slave for the rest of his or her life. Some of these stun guns are only a few inches long and look like boxes. Other stun guns are imbedded in staffs. The canes and the staffs that Satanists carry around, like Michael Aquino (in public in fact) are actually stun guns to control their slaves. The Queen Mother’s staff of the Illuminati has an electric stun gun hidden in it. Children in day care centers are reporting small boxes with wires that electroshock them during programming. An example is given in Vol. 1, of how the Illuminati bloodlines connect to research about electric shocks to control people. For example, David V. Reynold’s research, who wrote, “Neuroelectric Research: Electroneuroprosthesis, Electroanesthesia, and Nonconvulsive Electrotherapy.” Another way of using electricity for torture is to use directed energy (a new technology) on men’s genitals. With skillful use of directed energy they can simulate a rape of a man or woman. Artificial sodomy via directed energy was first tested in male prisons. ELF waves will place thoughts into the men’s mind as the directed energy make them feel sodomized.”

When freezing the frame again, you can clearly see a sacred looking Chester flashing the code for “demon possession” with the classic “peace sign,” which to the alien masons means the opposite… to cause chaos among mankind.

It’s obvious Chester was scared out of his mind in the presence of his alien captors!

  Fort Huachuca Arizona is a NSA Facility for aliens (believed to be Sirens), Grays, Jinn, light beings. Larger facility than at Paradox, Nevada. “THE communications command central for the entire US Army (and rumored to be for the entire US forces) No phone call, two way radio transmission, satellite transmission, fax, etc., within the Army goes undocumented and un “cleared” by this facility. It is VERY high on the “first to be hit in a nuclear war” list, (as supposedly most communications with the Army are actually routed though there) thus all the missile silos that were (not really) deactivated around Tucson, some 75 miles to the NW”. “As for any underground activity, I have no idea, but I do know this, they also do “radar testing” there. They put “planes” on a tower and fire a radar at them to “get a reading”(?) from a HUGE (I’d say 10 story) microwave radar dish. (it was visible from the highway several miles away). The whole facility sat out in the middle of a several hundred (or possibly thousands) acre field, oddly devoid of most all naturally occurring ground cover, bushes and trees for the area except for wild grass, and even that was very seldom green. HMMMM.”

Source:  http://www.anomalies-unlimited.com/Bases.html 

“Had and possibly still does have a large underground and tunnel system that is occupied by a Top Secret communications and cryptography unit.  NSA either commands or has peripheral use of the facility.  The Arizona military site is also one of the many designated detainment (concentration) camps authorized by our government, under the homeland security act, if martial law is necessarily declared.”

“In their hunt for all things occult, the Nazis had already gotten hints of Agartha, ETs, and advanced technology by searching through Tibetan Monasteries in the Himalayas, where they found records that had been recopied, preserved and passed down from the time of ancient MU. They discovered plans for what looked like a spacecraft, and through questioning the monks they discovered that these holy men were actually in contact with various inner-Earth groups.”

Source: https://medium.com/a-history

According to the late truther journalist from Canada named Serge Monast, there is currently a “four-step project designed by NASA and the United Nations would allow these organizations to accomplish what he believed to be their ultimate goal of creating a New Age Religion led by the Antichrist in order to start a New World Order dictatorship.”

NASA would implement Project Blue Beam, Monast believed, using a system of advanced mind control as well as top secret technology in order to trick everyone into believing they experienced a ‘second coming’.

In a scary news report aired on TV in 2018, a female reporter stated that strange blue flashes appeared in the skies over New York.

“a sustained electrical arc flash, that’s a technical term for a still unexplained electrifying event’


The frightening truth is that Project Blue Beam will be implemented to fake the holographic UFO invasion which is soon to happen in the USA.

Still think this is all a joke? Even if you don’t… my guess is that you now wish it was an April Fools prank so you don’t have to face the ugly reality.

Military bases site details more:

“In 1954 Fort Huachuca was revived with the establishment of the United States Army Electronic Proving Ground. The base gained further permanence with the establishment between 1960 and 1966 with the construction of the United States Army Electronic Warfare School Army Security Agency Test and Evaluation Center and the Combat Surveillance and Target Acquisition Training Command. In 1967 the United States Army Strategic Communications Command designated Fort Huachuca as their new headquarters, becoming the present day Army Communications Command. In 1976 the base as declared a National Landmark. The United States Army Systems Command established their headquarters at the base in 1984, later becoming the present day United States Army Network Enterprise Technology Command and 9th Army Signal Command. Today, Fort Huachuca is home to approximately 6,500 active duty soldiers, 7,400 dependents and 5,000 civilian employees. During peak hours it’s not uncommon for there to be over 18,000 people on the base, making it one of the most active military installations in the United States.”

Mysterious Universe site details the covert mind control agenda of Uncle Sam & the alien vril:

“The theory goes that the MKUltra project changed its name to “Monarch,” and went about conditioning young children through various mental and physical trauma to become virtual blank slates onto which could be programmed pretty much anything the government wanted. These subjects then have identities that are carefully nurtured to make them seem to be powerful figures in society, but in reality they are actually ticking time bombs, sleeper agents waiting to be activated. The theory can most often supposedly be seen in stars or officials who have meltdowns that are explained away as not personal issues, but rather glitches in their programming, and their “rehab” is merely them being taken in to be reprogrammed.”

MK Ultra: This is not a joke people!

Looking at the other contents of the Chester video screen capture you will see three cups that are colored.

Yellow. Pink. Blue.

“Illuminati rituals are based upon the most ancient Mystery religions. The Rothschilds like the ancient Canaanite Mystery rituals, and use Akkadian-Hittite-Canaanite-Babylonian rituals. The rituals from ancient Egypt are also heavily used by the Illuminati. The Collins -Sinclairs-type Illuminati bloodlines and some of the other Illuminati families with a northern European/celtic background, are very much into Druid rituals. Understand that historically, the Druids gave up paganism for the truth of Christ, but now neo-paganism would have people return to what the Celtic leadership gave up about two thousand years ago. ” – Fritz Springmeier

Another MKUltra researcher takes us further down the rabbit hole:

“The White Rabbit is a programming figure for Alice In Wonderland Programming who will allow you to go to otherwise inaccessible places for adventure. He represents the master. The White Rabbit is an important figure to the slave.White rabbit gives a wafer (coke-sugar-cocaine) to Alice and says “EAT ME” or “EAT IT AND I’LL TAKE YOU THROUGH THE DOOR” — takes master into closed part of System, or perhaps over the rainbow. The Queen of Hearts is also an important figure for commands in the Looking Glass World which the slave enters upon command. When a deep slave alter is needed to perform they are sent into the looking glass world where a looking glass person carries out the command–but in a way that reality is thought to be a dream. In other words, this is a preparatory command to get the slave ready for abuse.”




The wool has been pulled over your eyes. Donald Trump does not work for the people, got it? The mainstream news, all of it… is FAKE NEWS. Sure, they say PizzaGate is bogus… but I’m here to say it is REAL! Trump is an Illuminati puppet, born into the Satanic bloodline, just like the Queen of England, just like Hillary Clinton… and these gutless turds have the entire game rigged. It’s called the Matrix.

My determination is that the legendary freemason sub-group called “The Royal Order of Jesters,” branched off the Scottish Rite (whom it’s said Trump is counted among its membership) are the psychopaths behind the international pedophile ring, and the other criminal sickos allegedly involved are many favorite household names, like comedians Jack Black, Jim Carrey and Ben Stiller. It’s rumored that Johnny Depp is also part of the ‘elite pedo club’ that tortures and murders kids for Satan.

What you need to understand is that under both democratic and republican leadership MILLIONS of INNOCENT kids in the USA have vanished never to be seen again, in just the past decade alone. It is not being reported on by the mainstream news media, because they are controlled by the likes of powerful moguls who roll with Lucifer, not Jesus Christ.

Still think this is all a big joke? Something tells me you are no longer smiling while reading these words. Now… pay close attention. This ‘color coding’ system of mind control relates to the specific triggers used to control a subject, such as MK Ultra programming I believe was being used on Chester for most of his life.

It’s already well known by researchers that YELLOW is standard in the Monarch (programmed human robot) meaning, for “serious self-destruct” program aka “CODE YELLOW” = Suicide.

Here are the other specific colors used in MKULTRA, as explained by an expert on MKUltra:

“Under a drug induced trance or hypnosis, this is reinforced. The child may be shown a picture of a blue circle or triangle on a projector, or with a helmet on (virtual reality type). The child maybe be shocked first, then told that they are blue, and that blue “doesn’t get hurt”. If the are blue they won’t experience pain, etc. The child quickly decides that being “blue” is a good idea, and the alter is “imprinted” blue. The child is asked to close their eye, and imagine blue, that they are blue, and that all parts of their system are blue.

“This goes on and on, and is reinforced over several sessions. This is a basic, simplistic method of how color imprinting can be done. Later groups of children may be brought together, wearing different colors, and role playing is done, showing the different roles. Later, once the initial imprinting is done, alters are taught specialized roles for their color. This is done so they can be easily accessed that part of the child’s (and later adult’s) systems. All they need to do is call up the colors, then talk to the parts in that system that they need to. It’s a simple way to organize a person’s groups within. It also strengthens identification with other programming. It can also help with reaccessing the person’s system. They are taught if the trainer wears a certain color this system comes forward. If the group/cult wants to recontact a person, they may send someone wearing a certain color, or accidentally “bump into the person.” I have found after talking to many many people that colors tend to mean the same thing around the world. This sounds foolish, if you ask me. Actually, sounds stupid for the so-called illuminated ones to not have a clue as to how easy it would be to figure out color systems from one survivor to the next if they were all the same as Jane Doe’s down the street. I guess their main concern was that the programming would be interchangeable and accessible around the world.”

“Pink: we are the little ones, innocent, what we were like before they did bad things to us. we like teddy bears, we cry a lot and we want our mommy and daddy cuz they were nice to us. they are not as bad as others in here thinks. we are shy and like to play but nobody wants to play with us cuz the body is big and we got to act like big peoples.”

Shapeshifting stems from the Vrils I learned which was a secret society that rose to prominence during World War 2.

Hitler was deep into the occult, being he was actually a Rothschild himself, and had established contact with the vril aliens, exchanging holocaust prisoners for advanced technology tips.

The aliens love to eat human flesh and drink/bathe in our blood. For those hybrid shapeshifters, who can turn into a wolf or vampire bat, the key to their survival on the earth realm is to always be circulating human blood throughout their system.

The Nazi Led Alien Agenda of The New World Order Is No Prank!

Adolf Hitler was initiated into the Germanic branch of wolves’ brotherhood.

In an article in his party newspaper written in 1922, Hitler used an unusual metaphor to describe how the crowds began to react to him: they began to realize, he said:

‘that now a wolf has been born, destined to burst in upon the herd…’

Did you know that the Washington DC area pizza spot that the elite politicians love to hang out at called Comet Ping Pong actually has a painting on the wall depicting an alien playing ping pong with a young boy?

When it opened a flyer was designed for the opening event by artist LA Johnson. This same artist in 2010 also participated in the Alien Nation event.

“You won’t be disappointed, and you might be quite scared… ha, no that’s only kind of a joke. But according to sources, this one will make you think. It will make you think about why you feel paranoid while walking down the street; about why you fuss over appearances or other vain attempts to “look good”. It’s about having no one to confide in when there seems to be nothing familiar in your environment. It’s about feeling trapped and excluded, but it’s also a reminder that you really are not alone. There are many of us who do not fit the mold, who long for change, who embrace the environment, who are tired of being told what is right from hypocrites, and sometimes all we need is a little hope to lift our spirits. This is an homage to the sub-cultures in cities, the aliens next door, the hippies in hiding, and free spirits everywhere. So come and enjoy a sight to behold: one away from the lime-light and open to interpretation. Maybe you will even find a friend amongst this world of enemies.”

In the video that shows Chester eating a jelly bean, you will notice a magazine that says ‘Sedona’ located on the table. Just like in my past reporting about Bigfoot and his original sighting out of the Shasta lake area over four decades ago, Sedona is a hotbed also I learned for paranormal and alien sightings.

More than 3,000 UFO sightings have been reported in Arizona dating back to 1950.

Last year ABC news in Arizona reported on 5 different UFO sightings that purportedly happened in the state last year.

It is my determination that the United States government has been involved in the most lurid and heinous crimes ever committed in the history of mankind, including the unethical treatment of unwitting civilians and celebrities like Chester Bennington. The late rock idol, in my opinion, suffered greatly under MKUltra programming, including heavy cocaine, meth and LSD consumption. I learned that this combination of drugs, along with shock treatment and other barbaric forms of ‘treatment’ are used on these government robots to keep them under control.

Unfortunately, the good guys like Chester and Chris always get assassinated in the end… once they are deemed to be a “danger to national security.”

Chase Hughes site looks back at the record:

“In 1977, in a special hearing held by the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, whose aim it was to look further into MKUltra, Admiral Stansfield Turner, who at the time was Director of Central Intelligence, revealed that the CIA had found a set of records, consisting of about 20,000 pages, which had survived the 1973 destruction orders because they had been stored at a records center not usually used for such documents. IT’s said that these files dealt with the financing of MKUltra projects and contained few project details, however much more was learned from them than from the Inspector General’s 1963 report.”

On the Senate floor in 1977, Senator Ted Kennedy said:

“The Deputy Director of the CIA revealed that over thirty universities and institutions were involved in an “extensive testing and experimentation” program which included covert drug tests on unwitting citizens “at all social levels, high and low, native Americans and foreign.” Several of these tests involved the administration of LSD to “unwitting subjects in social situations.” At least one death, that of Dr. Olson, resulted from these activities. The Agency itself acknowledged that these tests made little scientific sense. The agents doing the monitoring were not qualified scientific observers.”

It’s well known that LINKIN PARK band was working closely with Hillary Clinton’s right hand man, John Podesta, via a social media marketing campaign for SE4ALL, the global energy initiative.

Mr. Podesta has long been involved with the U.S. government to bring full alien disclosure to the American public, understand?

When Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington stumbled upon the damning information of billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s “black book” during pre-production for the human trafficking documentary called “The Silent Children,” it sealed the fate of our rock heroes.

Back in the nineteen eighties, the U.S. government got busted at the highest levels perpetrating a sadistic ‘civilian abduction’ program carried out by a group led by former military man and MK Ultra programmer/handler, Michael Aquino. The “Franklin Cover UP’ involved Johnny Depp’s late pal, Hunter S. Thompson and killing kids during snuff film productions that get sold to the elite on the black market. A young newspaper delivery boy named Johnny Gosch was snatched up by “The Finders” via the luring by another ritually abused boy named Paul Bonacci. Paul’s case got very little media coverage. There was a reason for that, ladies and gentleman.

What the U.S. government could not allow to be exposed on a major level was the covert “child snatching” agenda being done in conjunction with our ET visitors, who mostly remain hidden from us in U.S. taxpayer built secret underground bases at this time, until one day soon the great revealing occurs. The stone cold reality is that Uncle Sam has been trading technology secrets with them for human flesh for decades. This has been going on without the rest of the world knowing about it, until now.

These stolen little kids end up becoming the food supply for the US backed alien legion, after they have been brutally raped and tortured for hours. A drug called “adrenochrome” is harvested from their blood during intense Satanic freemason ceremonies held in your local church or morgue.

“Frank Rudolph Olson (July 17, 1910 – November 28, 1953) was an American bacteriologist, biological warfare scientist, and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) employee who worked at Camp Detrick (now Fort Detrick) in Maryland. In rural Maryland, he was covertly dosed with LSD by his CIA supervisor and, nine day’s later, leaped to his death from the window of a New York hotel room. Some — including the U.S. government — term his death a suicide, while others allege murder.”