PIG DESTROYER – Debut New Song

PIG DESTROYER has launched a new track from their forthcoming album, Head Cage, which is scheduled to arrive on September 7 through Relapse Records. The Frank Huang-directed music video for the song “The Torture Fields” made its online debut HERE, to whom the band said, “don’t worry, there are some blast beats on this one.”

Virginia extreme sound revolutionaries PIG DESTROYER deliver savage grindcore that is both intentionally confrontational and thoroughly pummeling. PIG DESTROYER formed in 1997, when vocalist J.R. Hayes and Agoraphobic Nosebleed guitarist Scott Hull united in their efforts to create utterly destructive grindcore. As soon as the band, also featuring founding drummer John Evans, began rehearsing, they found that their common musical interests produced intelligent and incendiary compositions. After releasing a self-titled demo, which was met with rousing critical reception, PIG DESTROYER released their first full-length, Explosions in Ward 6. Strongly positive reactions to Explosions in Ward 6 established PIG DESTROYER as one of the best new grind acts to have emerged worldwide in the last decade.

Jr Hayes- Vocals
Scott Hull- Guitars
Adam Fucking Jarvis- Drums
Blake Harrison- Pan Flute, Shuttlecock
John Fucking Jarvis – Bass


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