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CHRIS CORNELL, Lucifer & Bloodletting Rituals


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CHRIS CORNELL, Lucifer And Bloodletting Rituals

(This report originally posted on December 18, 2017)

By Randy “Rocket” Cody

“No matter what happens, don’t fear the dark. Our creator won’t allow them to harm us. Even if they kill you, they can’t take your soul if you don’t give it to them.” – Anonymous

Late SOUNDGARDEN frontman, Chris Cornell, 52, lost his life after a sold out concert in Detroit.

All accounts from fans were positive about Chris’ state of mind and appearance at the time he signed autographs in front of his hotel after the gig, this includes his tour manager who said Chris was in good spirits and was looking forward to recording the next SOUNDGARDEN album once their tour was completed.

His bodyguard was with him, hired to keep an eye on the rock star’s safety ‘at all times’, according to his own website that offers celeb protection services.

Chris next was whisked away from the crowd and up to hotel room #1136. This all transpired right around 11:30PM eastern. Within one hour Chris would be dead. At 1:30AM on May 18th, the rock hero is already cold to the touch all over his body according to the medic who pronounces Chris DOA.

The forensic science tells us that for an adult male over six feet tall, it would take a minimum of 2 hours for this cool down, from head to toe, to happen. That is a fact. Unless there was cold air from outside hitting the body, a human corpse, partially nude, in normal 70-89 degree temp takes at least 120 minutes to achieve full cool down.

This means Chris did not kill himself as the bodyguard and the police want everyone to believe.

If Chris had actually been found dead at the time the bodyguard claims, right after midnight on May 18th, then his body temp would not have become cold all over until well after 2AM.

Once the medic makes that determination for us on that phone call it tells us all we need to know.

Amazingly, Detroit PD and The Detroit News have rejected the original scanner call as not relevant and blocked its official release as evidence, instead released a second audio tape that does not have the ‘DOA pronouncement’.

In the first call I submitted as evidence to the public, the medic states “unknown downtime”, “Trauma to the head” and “possible signs of strangulation” as he observed Chris’ body.

All of this evidence, which is allowed in a court of law, plus an ER nurse I spoke with who told me that the medic’s 911 notes are very crucial to a medical examiner’s autopsy exam, and that the doctors she worked with always used them, tells me that foul play is involved.

Point blank, the bodyguard failed big time. Martin Kirsten no doubt takes Olympic gold in being the world’s worst at making sure someone lives through the night. Yes, it was known Chris experienced problems with drugs in the past, over two decades ago, so while he appears to be struggling according to his wife over the phone, and might be relapsing, yet they tell us the bodyguard gives Chris another drug to take, the sedative he has a prescription for, Ativan. Next, for whatever insane reason, this experienced bodyguard leaves Chris alone after that just long enough for Chris to hang himself.

Looking at the cool down of the body, and pushing back the clock two hours from when the DOA is made at 1:30 AM, that takes us back to 11:30PM the night before when Chris and his bodyguard were apparently working on his Apple TV in the hotel room so Chris could watch one of his favorite shows.

This totally blows the Detroit PD and the bodyguard’s version of events out of the water.

Coupled with the fact that Detroit PD failed to send the nail clippings taken as evidence at the scene to the lab for analysis to indeed rule out any potential fight that may have taken place, by way of any of Chris’ DNA that might have been found underneath the bodyguard’s nails.

The truth is, as I first reported to the world back in May, Chris was knee deep in his own battle versus the shadow government, as he was looking to finally expose to an elite international child trafficking ring and body part harvesting business.

Chris operated his own foundation for the sole reason of fighting this evil.

PEDOGATE has been an ongoing scandal for several decades, relating to other major cover up like the Franklin scandal, the Presidio daycare abuse and McMartin preschool. It all definitely now ties to #Pizzagate where in Washington D.C. a pizza parlor called Comet Ping Pong allows pedophile rock act HEAVY BREATHING to perform at an all ages friendly establishment where both Hillary Clinton and John Podesta have been in attendance. I learned a hacker purportedly found child porn on Comet’s computer but DC Police did nothing.

According to this VOAT post:

“As we discovered in The Motherlode – Soros, Podesta, Rothschild, Abramovic and several Comet Ping Pong bands all linked to VIP art gallery in Los Angeles. Gallery just happens to have history of occult rituals Comet Ping Pong has been tied to the Geffen Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, otherwise known as MOCA. Several Comet Ping Pong performers pass through MOCA’s network of galleries implying an intimate connection of paths.”

I also learned that LINKIN PARK rapper Mike Shinoda has also featured his own artwork at MOCA.

Chris’ close friend, Chester Bennington, was found hanging… on Chris’ birthday, two months later.

Keep in mind, I also proved collusion between John Podesta and LINKIN PARK via SE4ALL global initiative.

Pictured: Chester Bennington Holds Chris’ Son At His Baptism

As they story goes, independent investigators stumbled onto a purported international child trafficking ring operating out of Washington D.C., where the Dupont tunnels running underneath
Comet Ping Pong, Besta Pizza and Pegasus Museum, and the kids are lured to ‘open to all ages’ pizza parties where they are then snatched for the ring.

Of course we know Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington were close friends, having been found dead in the identical manner two months apart earlier this year.

The VOAT post continues:

“It has been established that Comet Ping Pong has been tied to the Geffen Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, otherwise known as MOCA –several Comet Ping Pong performers pass through MOCA’s network of galleries implying an intimate connection of paths.
As you will see, many of the names we have been seeing in the periphery of the Geffen MOCA also make themselves present at most or all of the amfAR Galas, year after year, almost as if it is it’s own fully functioning compartmentalized COVEN.”

In the following 11 minute interview clip where Chris sat down to talk to Tavis Smiley of PBS, he talks about a movie that he did the music for and how the character put himself in harm’s way to make sure kids were safe.

Organ transplant and blood transfusion from the young rejuvenates the body with new red blood cells, even delaying aging. All of the super rich use blood transfusions from teens or even younger to help with their health and youth.

Not to mention the lynch pin in all of these organizations is their ability to transfer ANY “artwork” perishable or not, CUSTOMS FREE through the ART FOR EMBASSIES program.

They control the harbors and airports, and abuse the law for their profit.

“Art in Embassies began with SC Johnson based in Racine, Wisconsin where they also built the models for Sustainability, Community Policing and other parts of the real Agenda 2030 that lead to global enslavement in conjunction with many other foundations, mafia ties, corrupt religions, and secret societies that all lead back from Johnson’s (Racine) to Rockefeller’s to Rothschilds.”

Chris Cornell worked all around the globe via his foundation to stop the trafficking and abuse of kids.

A child crimes expert shared his story:

“Back to the orphanages in Yugoslavia… parents want to adopt want 1 kid not 100 at a time. Anytime more than 3 kids move out of an orphanage at a time, a red flag should go up in someone’s mind. The scouts go in and pick out dozens to hundreds at a time. A CIA scout looking for bright kids might even have them all tested by bringing a psychologist along and say that they are testing the kid’s ability to adapt after the war. Or they might say that they are studying any number of problems that these kids have, while really they are looking for talent. Some CIA operatives looking for sex slaves audition kids by having them do blow jobs on local officials on a special outing for the poor orphans. Those kids that are the best at socializing and sucking to stay alive, win a trip to the US. Yes, they do win a trip to the US — but as sex slaves. My job was just to arrange to buy the land for the building of this big new “Catholic School” for children. The problem was that there were no schoolrooms in the plan, just endless dormitories. The CIA wanted 10 acres of dormitories for kids. It looked more like a concentration camp for kids. And they wanted it built next to the train line. That train line to the coast was about the only thing in Sarajevo that did not get hit by bombs and artillery and continued working. It was already planned back at the CIA. The CIA had already bought the land to house the children that they planned to sell into sexual slavery. Remember that each child that gets sold into sexual slavery makes about $700 for the bosses if sold at auction, about $300,000 over its 2-year lifespan if the boss houses it in a brothel in the US, and millions of dollar if it can be raised in the US and turned into a “presidential model” or a “puppet government model” — if it is male. And all the training, transport, etc. is paid for by the US taxpayer to torture these children into compliance.”


In the past several years in Detroit, ‘illegal harvesting of organs and body parts have been found to be operating.’ I dare to say that PEDOGATE and the mainstream mocked #Pizzagate scandal certainly look to be related to the parting out for profit of innocent kids.

DETROIT, MI — The FBI spent Thursday and Friday at an industrial warehouse near Coleman A. Young International Airport in east Detroit.

The reported focus of the investigation is possibly a connection the company has with the body part trade, a lucrative underground industry in which body parts — eyes, ligaments, brains — and cadavers are sold to companies that use them for medical research, training or even landmine testing.

Officials set up heated blue tents outside the warehouse where they transported items and took away various evidence inside bright-colored trash bags.

The search is taking place at International Biological, a company owned by Grosse Pointe Park resident Arthur Rathburn who WXYZ, Channel 7 News reported worked at the University of Michigan Anatomy Department from 1984 to 1990 when he was fired.

I learned that the United States’ top secret agency called the CIA has been behind the trafficking ring, along with the Vatican, and they are using MK Ultra mind control to program unwitting assassins, and to turn abducted children into sex slaves.

It all ties back to Wonderland secret film studio that the CIA ran out of Laurel Canyon, where the Manson family, along with the Son of Sam and other notorious killers received trauma based programming.

And the Process church, where Manson once attended as a member, a Satanic coven that was behind gruesome Satanic ritual killings with funding from Uncle Sam, is where it all started.

This occult expert sets the story straight:

“Easily the Process’ most significant cultural contribution was its incorporation into conspiracy literature, specifically those revolving around Satanic cults and serial killers. As early as 1971 the Process was being portrayed as the inspiration to (and possibly the guiding hand behind) the Manson Family by the Fugs’ Ed Sanders in his book The Family. Then, in 1987, this association went into overdrive with the publication of Maury Terry’s The Ultimate Evil. Not only did Terry link them to Manson, but he also argued that a splinter group of the Process had formed some type of Satanic cult that operated on a national scale and had been involved with various serial killers and other occult related killings in addition to more conventional crimes such as drug trafficking. The chief premise of The Ultimate Evil is that the Son of Sam killings were actually committed by this cult (of whom David Berkowitz, the man convicted of the Sam killings, Terry alleges was a member of) and that it was yet another terror campaign directed by this Process splinter group (which Terry dubbed the Four-P Movement).
“A key element in Terry’s thesis is that the Process Church of the Final Judgment is alive and well, and involved in nefarious activity stretching from drug-running to child prostitution to murder.”


“The Process, as far as is known, has now officially splintered, and its offspring — while still active –have gone underground. But before the Process divided, it spread seeds of destruction throughout the United States. Those spores were carried on winds of evil across the 1970s and into the present. The terror still reigns with far-flung subsidiary groups united by the sins of the father.”

The sad fact is that even Sharon Tate herself had trained to become a witch in the same elite coven that ended her life.

The Examiner notes:

“Sensationalist journalism quoting from him almost universally described Ted Gunderson only as a former FBI man, even long after he had become an obvious caricature, a public paranoid for hire. Ted was still simply a respected former FBI man even after decades of attaching his expertise to the furthest-flung theories of world-wide Illuminati/Masonic/Satanic/Zionist conspiracies. Throughout the moral panic of the 1980s – 1990s regarding Satanic cults thought to be subverting Christian-American lives, he would regularly appear on daytime talk shows warning of the insidious influence of Heavy Metal music and ubiquitous subliminal urgings being silently forced upon impressionable youthful minds.”

It turns out that the Manson ties with the CIA, child snuff films and LSD/MDMA mind control is not myth:

“… Abigail Folger attended Esalen Institute seminars. Process founder Robert DeGrimston lectured at Esalen, and Manson made at least one appearance there, crooning groovy tunes with his guitar to a less than receptive audience… Esalen -like many another human potential center -was co-opted by the intelligence community, to one degree or another, just as Stanford and other universities -funded by the CIA -were using street shamans and anybody else they could get their hands on for experimental purposes, dispensing to them LSD and other drugs under clinical conditions at their research facilities. At such human potential centers as Esalen, group ‘dissonance’ or stress was introduced to destroy an individual’s previous beliefs, and to replace the destroyed personality with a new-group oriented personality. These so called ‘group encounters’ and ‘sensitivity programs’ were used in much the same way that Manson programmed his flock, systematically breaking down an individual’s personality to be reconstructed along the lines of the group-mind. The enigmatic Ronald Stark -big-time LSD entrepreneur and possible MK-ULTRA operative -was an Esalen financial supporter. Keep in mind that many people involved in the human potential movement -who were often bankrolled by CIA front organizations like the Human Ecology Fund -brought good intentions into their endeavors, although there can be no argument that the intelligence community were using the likes of Tim Leary and others of his ilk as test subjects in behavior modification experiments.” (The Shadow Over Santa Susana, pg. 164)


The CIA is a front for the Illuminati, and are allegedly behind child snuff film productions.

More occult history will chill you to the bone:

“The Illuminati couldn’t do it alone without its fronts. Satanists within the Network & the CIA took over Boy’s Town, NE in the early 1950s, & used that famous orphanage for a constant supply of boys for programming. Boy’s Town is perhaps the most famous, but there are whole long list of others. When the Monarch Programming started, the top men were Illuminati. Originally, Joseph Mengele was the lead programmer. He had already achieved the rank of Grand Master (later Ipssimus) within the Illuminati. He had become skilled in music, in Kabbalistic Magic, in dancing, in abortions, and in torture (by the way, Mengele had a sadistic mother) and programming children. Many of the concentration camp children that Mengele programmed still survive and still love him to this day as “Daddy”. Mengele disappeared from Auschwitz in Jan. 1945, several months before the final chaos began in the Third Reich. He disappeared so the Illuminati could smuggle him to the U.S. , so that his exceptional knowledge of programming–honed and fined tuned on thousands of concentration camp child victims could be put to use on a grande scale in the United States.”

The intelligence networks were started by and run by the Illuminati. They are Illuminati fronts. The use of slaves crosses many organizational boundaries within the overall Network. If a slave is to be used as a Delta model (assassination), they may be selected for strength and dexterity. The Delta Force is the army’s elite unit made up of Monarch slaves. If they are to operate as a Beta model (sexual slave), they will be chosen if they can master technique. Occasionally they might in some circumstances be selected for how pretty the programmers expect the child to become. Some parents have produced good looking children and are actually sought-after to bear children to sell into the Mind Controlled Slavery “Freedom Train” System.

Aleister Crowley (1875-1947) was a Satanist and a 33rd degree Scottish Rite Freemason. He also was a leader in a number of other Masonic rites as well as an OTO leader, a chief in Stella Matutina, and a MI-6 agent. His writings have been important within 20th century Satanism and with black magicians. He wrote Moonchild which was first published in 1917. The idea of the Moonchild is that via black magic a perfect soul can be captured. The belief in reincarnation, which is prevalent among the Illuminati and Satanic groups, lends itself to the belief that souls compete for a particular embryo.


“Charles Manson, a programmed Monarch slave who received initial programming at China Lake , lived with his cult only 45 miles north-west of China Lake at the remote Myers and Barker ranches. Scotty’s Castle in Death Valley , Bakersfield , Edwards AFB, and Papa Ludo’s Store & Tavern (with its secret underground programming center) are all in the vicinity of China Lake and have all been programming sites too. Old route 66 went by China Lake , which now is just off U.S. 395. The area’s tavern has been named the Hideaway. The building was low, away from the highway, with a large unlit parking lot. Only people who knew how to enter it by the obscure entrance on the side could get in. The Hideaway Tavern has been a local hangout for the CIA men in China Lake. The base headquarters is known as the White House, and it looks somewhat like a yacht clubhouse. Northwest of the airfield, at 39-64 & 4-33 E on the quad maps, the government has built a large magical seal of Solomon (hexagram) with each leg 1/4 mile long on the ground. Tunnels connected the different hallways. The programming room was painted a good dissociative color white. In the middle of the room, cages were suspended with chimps. The examining table was metal, which was cold for the victim, but easy to wash for the attendants. The victim was placed in cages and could observe white dots light up in different dot patterns over the door on a panel of lights. The low level shocks to the victim were coordinated with the dot patterns. (Some of this relates to domino programming.) An attendant monitored the entire scenario on charts, while the child was repeatedly traumatized with low-voltage shocks. Needles were poked in the child, the room was made dark and then lit. Voices said, “Love me, love me not.” This was part of the love me, don’t love me part of programming. “Good girls ride the silvery wings.” This was to build the ability to condition trancing by the victim upon electro-shock.”

The horrifying MK Ultra lesson concludes:

“If the Programmers want, they can shatter a front Christian alter level and create a new level of New Age believing alters to replace the original front. The abuse can be done by the victim themselves to themselves, because programming alters are given the ability to pull up horrific memories via codes. Those traumatic memories, which shattered the mind the first time, are still capable of doing it again when they are re-lived by the body & mind. More and more people are experiencing working with someone with multiple personalities. However, very few multiples ever discover more than the front parts of their systems. Very few people, outside of the programmers, have much idea of what an entire system of alters is like, that is why some things that are described will seem foreign to those people who have learned a little about multiplicity.”

As early as 1998, the American Psychiatric Association (APA) made its objective explicitly clear, maintaining that the negative impact of child sex abuse when adults have sex with children was “overstated” and that:

The majority of both men and women reported ‘no negative sexual effects from their child sexual experiences.’

This child abuse worker tells us differently:

“As a longtime clinician working with victims of pedophiles, that is not my observation or experience at all. The traumatic effects of child sex abuse emotionally may last a lifetime, and its effects sexually likely do as well. In my humble opinion, for at least two decades the APA has a proven track record of being far more interested in the well-being and care of child rapists than victimized children. Bottom line, protecting child molesters is a priority over protecting children. But then this powerful organization has also played an integral part in the CIA’s MK Ultra and Monarch mind control programs as well, where young children are systematically sexually traumatized to intentionally induce dissociative states and alter personalities. An infamous example of the APA-MK overlap was the sadistic Dr. Ewen Cameron, who served as both the APA president while running the unlawful, inhumane MK Ultra program experiments using LSD on unsuspecting victims and abusing children.”

At a July 2013 pedophilia conference held at UK’s prestigious University of Cambridge, research experts concluded:

“Pedophile interest is natural and normal for human males. At least a sizeable minority of normal males would like to have sex with children… Normal males are aroused by children.”

There you have it, the psychiatric profession embraces pedophiles as typical “normal” males.

The countless pedophile scandals involving satanic ritual child sexual abuse and subsequent cover-ups committed by top leaders in virtually all the Western governments over the last few decades alone serve as overwhelming, conclusive and undeniable evidence that virtually all the leaders on the world stage are high powered child molesters[54] that oversee the black ops-CIA-UN-mob controlled child sex trafficking as well as the drug and arms smuggling operations worldwide.[55] But pulling their puppet strings at the top of this Luciferian pedophile food chain[56] are the 13 Illuminati family bloodlines that really run this devil’s dominion planet.[57] These include the Rothschilds,[58] Rockefellers[59] and the British Windsor’s (part of the Merovingian “seed of Satan” gang).[60]

A military wife exposed the sick truth, as reported by Joachim Hagopian, who is a West Point graduate and former US Army officer:

“Kay Griggs met several of these boys from places like India, Romania, Dominican Republic and Haiti who were pedophile rape victims under mind controlled contract to the US government for contract killing, in exchange for dutifully sending money to impoverished mothers back home. These boy assassins also fit the same formulaic dynamic – possessing a strong maternal bond minus a paternal influence that’s then paternally fed the same mind control brainwash as “special and gifted” members of an elite force whose work deemed for national security interests will always remain above the law. Another key point that Kay repeatedly emphasizes throughout is that so much of the government’s international movement of drugs, weapons and money laundering (and child sex trafficking as well) involves a joint partnership between the US black ops military and the mob. Posing as upstanding Yale and Harvard grads are crooked owners of the largest US ports, controlling cargo gateways as an integral part of the international crime syndicate. Much of the government cabal’s global operations not only involve organized crime, but their assassination tactics, their sworn to secrecy oaths (or face blackmail and death), and the pure psychopathy that doesn’t even flinch an eye committing wholesale slaughter of other human beings comprise one big happy crime family empire. So it should come as no surprise that virtually all our world government leaders (politicians, top cabinet and ministry posts, high court judges), and the higher-ups in the military, CIA/FBI, Mossad and MI6 all work hand in hand with the drug cartels and mobsters to conduct their day-to-day criminal operations throughout the globe. It’s one big, elaborately run, filthy cesspool operation controlling virtually everything on this planet, perpetrated by a relative handful of soulless, Lucifer worshipping aficionados who place themselves above the law as elite members of the same private secret pedophile club.”

“The child raping and killing Illuminati bloodlines and their legions of pedo puppets and hired guns are fast moving to turn our planet into a living hell, centrally controlled by their one world government, one world religion (worshipping Lucifer) and their New World Order absolute tyranny.” – Anonymous

Earlier this year the Satanic Temple of Los Angeles held a public bloodletting at a black mass. As the story goes:

“There was a demonic cat lecture by Paul Koudounaris, and a destruction ritual, along with an invocation ritual. The invocation included a statement of principles of the Satanic Temple (aka the Seven Tenets), including a call to question everything… and ending with chants of “Hail Satan.” Coven of Ashes performed a bloodletting ritual, and the bands Lumerians, Author + Punisher, and 3Teeth performed.”