June 14, 2024

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REAPING ASMODEIA – New Music Video Released

Minneapolis, MN-based progressive/technical death metal act REAPING ASMODEIA dropped their Prosthetic Records release, Impuritize, in February of this year.

Reaping Asmodeia is back with their equally-thrilling new Arlo Myren-directed music video for “Irreversible Evolution”. In the video, we see a man following clues to a remote destination, but things quickly take an unexpected, frantic turn. View HERE.

In a group statement, the band offers: “We love incorporating different styles and dynamics throughout our music, as well as in our music videos. We have continued that theme in our new video for the song ‘Irreversible Evolution’, which you can check out today.”

“Technical audio madness created and performed by Minnesota’s finest! Check it!” — Alex Erian (Despised Icon)

“Reaping Asmodeia brings their own very unique and original blend of technicality, melody, heaviness, and great musicianship to a genre saturated with sub-par mimics and emulation. They bring
something very new and refreshing to the table with a style all their own. This is definitely a band you must listen to and familiarize yourself with.” — Jaeson Bardoni (Arsonists Get All The Girls)

“If you are a fan of well constructed, aggressive, intelligent metal with more relentless drumming from Daniel Koppy (ex: With Dead Hands Rising), you will love Reaping Asmodeia” — (Sick Drummer Magazine)

Source: BW&BK