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This is your chance to own a piece of rock n roll history! Thousands of fans all over are raising questions about the recent ‘identical’ deaths of Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell.

Available worldwide. FREE SHIPPING! The idea is to get metal foot soldiers from Detroit to L.A. to Italy, Japan and back hooked up with one of these bad boys, okay? Wearing the shirt in public to bring awareness to the police/media corruption going on in America. The mainstream FAKE NEWS is telling more and more lies to everyone each day and it affects everyone globally. Now the online entertainment sites like TMZ want to twist facts and paint their own false narrative of what happened to Chris Cornell… and now Chester Bennington, who happened to be good friends in life… before they were both suicided!

Creator/Owner of TMD, Randy “Rocket” Cody, adds:

“Those who are guilty are truly pathetic and will burn in hell for the murder cover up of both Chris & Chester. I am going to make everyone involved in the rock biz pay dearly and when I am done fully exposing the FAKE NEWS MEDIA, I will be the last one laughing you sacks of shit! Thanks to all the rocking fans that are supporting my independent investigation of both deaths and the funds from the shirt sales will be reinvested right back into battling the demons responsible for these two legendary rockers murders!”

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$50 each

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