July 18, 2024

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CHRIS CORNELL – His Bodyguard Didn’t Perform CPR!

Truth For Chris!

More evidence in the CHRIS CORNELL death investigation case has been uncovered. If you listen to the start of the EMS call at 1:30AM on May 18th, the medic fully confirms that there was a band found ‘around his neck’ when they arrived on scene to room #1136 at the MGM Grand hotel in Detroit.. which makes it IMPOSSIBLE that CPR was performed by the bodyguard. Listen to EMS call below.

The autopsy by Theodore Brown at Wayne County morgue put false information into the report
that ultimately influenced the case. If the bodyguard “loosened” it as it’s indicated in Theodore Brown’s autopsy there is a major problem with his story because according to George Hunter’s report for Detroit News, MGM Grand medic Jones :

“… untied the red exercise band from (the) victim’s neck and began CPR on (Cornell, who) was not breathing.”

How does she untie a band that was already supposedly ‘loosened’ so the bodyguard could
perform CPR earlier?

That is not possible. You can’t untie something twice. So now that we know the female medic is indeed the first one to remove the band off Chris Cornell’s neck, after UNTYING it herself as is confirmed via the EMS audio, the fact is the bodyguard did not actually perform CPR.

Now that we know a lie was reported in the autopsy of Theodore Brown how can we believe the bodyguard’s statements about ANYTHING? After all, he was paid to protect Chris Cornell and he just left the band around his neck the entire 40+ minutes as he sat with him after supposedly kicking in ‘latched from inside’ front door, which we now know is potentially another big lie!!

We now know the medics are the only ones who performed life saving measures on Chris Cornell, who they said the could not revive him after a half hour on scene and he was cold to the touch over his entire body by the time they made the DOA pronouncement at 1:30AM.

This new evidence presented should make Martin Kirsten the #1 suspect!!!

At around :45 sec mark in EMS audio the medic making remarks back to 911 says” “trauma to the back of head… and ‘signs of possible strangulation’, followed by ‘history of depression’ (a line that was fed to him by the only person that knew him on the scene: the bodyguard who was standing right there!!!)

And later at around 1:27 the medic says separately:

“Ligature marks on his neck”..

So clearly he has pointed out the ligature marks and the signs of possible strangulation SEPARATELY!

Think about it… the man has experience working with injured people, correct?

Was the medical examiner there? No! The medic was. So we need to pay close attention to those remarks.

He was looking at a human being on the ground of a hotel room with blood coming out of his mouth, a torn shirt, swelling in the face from pooled blood above the ligature (not possible with hanging) and TRAUMA TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD!!

Does this sound like a suicide to you? It sounds more like someone who got VIOLENTLY attacked!

Chris 9 rib fractures w/internal hemorrhaging. If the bodyguard did not perform CPR, only the 2 professional medics (one of which was a woman), are we really still going to believe these pros who have the best possible training in the world used that much force and effort that they fractured 9 ribs and did all that internal damage in the upper chest?

Any rational person with a brain in their head can see the overall trauma on Chris Cornell’s body all together screams H-O-M-I-C-I-D-E!

If he was cold to the touch all over as the medic stated in his remarks to 911 dispatch and already appeared dead… how much CPR was really done on him anyway? Probably not very much.. why?


According to the forensic science, homicide should definitely be suspected if you find the victim with “a torn shirt and external or internal injuries..”