GLOOM – Signs With eOneMusic/Lifeblood Inc.

GLOOM have signed a deal with eOne Music/Lifeblood Inc. with plans to release their full-length debut, “Solaris“, through the label on June 02nd. The band commented:

“‘Solaris‘ is our first full length and while we were writing the album we really wanted to bring all our individual influences to the table and create something dynamic. We really want to carve out our own niche in metal and ‘Solaris‘ is a big step in that direction. For us, ‘Cede‘ is a good musical representation of some of the different styles you’ll hear on the album. Lyrically, it’s about breaking the cycle of a bad on-off relationship I had for years and finding a place where I could grow out of those feelings.”
The track they mentioned above, “Cede“, debuted today HERE. Among its ten tracks is a cover of Alice In Chains‘ “Them Bones”.

“Gloom’s new EP will chew you up and spit you out”


“Gloom are a D.C.-based band who kick major fucking ass. I mean, it’s just that simple.

They’re awesome, and their self-titled EP is an exciting amalgam of all metal styles, offering up something for everyone to appreciate.



Source: The PRP