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METHRA – Release “Dead Ram” Music Video


Desert sludge sickos METHRA have just allowed the public into their damaged collective psyche once again with a bizarre visual enhancer for the gnarled “Dead Ram,” culled from their freshly dispatched Acolytedebut LP. The gutsy video is primed to get you fired up, as band practice for the duo comes to an unexpected halt in the new video, which makes its public induction through a premiere via Decibel Magazine.

METRHA informs viewers, “Upon completion of our ‘Hartley’s Cult’ music video, we realized the story was not complete. We asked ourselves, ‘WWGLD’ (what would George Lucas do)? The answer was simple; a prequel, with even better(worse) effects. Who was the Acolyte? What drives Him?”

METHRA’s new lo-fi visual production is the unsettling tale of one man’s descent into madness, and rebirth into The Acolyte. In the “Dead Ram” video, a crazed drifter can somehow hear METHRA practice on the other side of town….and he hates it. He’ll take an absurd trek through Tucson’s lesser known architectural wonders on a deadly mission to silence the grating sounds of disgusting music inside his head. This prequel to the “Hartley’s Cult” will horrify you. All stunts were performed with actual landmarks and operational firearms. You have been warned.

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