July 21, 2024

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WARBEAST – Announces New Band Members


Lineup changes are nothing new for Texas Thrashers WARBEAST. The band has proven its resiliency over the years by simply reloading and continuing to blow away fans around the world. The Housecore Records Recording Artist has once again added some new weaponry to their arsenal. This time they chose to bring in some young bloods to re-animate some fresh new life into their classic old-school style.

World renowned Warbeast drummer Joey Gonzalez elaborates more on these recent additions, “2 young guns with a fire-in-their-bellies and hungry for Thrash. It’s humbling and refreshing for me to work with two dedicated individuals ready and eager to hit the road and continue the tradition of Thrash.”

Drew Shoup (20-years-old) is now the band’s 2nd guitarist. Drew was always a big fan and supporter of Warbeast. Originally he was born in Dallas, but he moved to Colorado at the age of 10. He recently moved back to D/FW pursue this opportunity to join one of his favorite bands. Drew shows his enthusiasm when asked what this chance means to him, “Warbeast is one of the tightest, most energetic bands I’ve ever heard. I am very excited to be a part of what they do.”

Lyric Ferchaud (17-years-old) will take over the Bass duties. Lyric started doing gigs in clubs at the young age of 15 with his band Psyclops. He’s also performed with his Dad’s bands… who is a proven lifetime singer/musician. His youthfulness will not be a concern for Lyric when it comes to his self-confidence… as he proclaims, “I’ve watched the band become who they are and to be a part of that is pure excellence. I feel that joining this band will keep “The Beast” alive as it should always be, and lead to even more powerful thrash metal than before.”

Lyric is also the Stepson of Warbeast singer Bruce Corbitt. Bruce is very thrilled about the future of Warbeast with Lyric and Drew now in the band. “The positive energy they both bring is so cool and it’s like breath-of-fresh-air. They’re both excited and this is a big step-up for both of them. They want to contribute to the creative side of the band too.” Bruce continues, “Drew has worked really hard to make the transition to move back to D/FW, as well as to learn our material. I know we made the right choice by picking Drew to fill this spot… I really like the guy.”

As far as his Stepson Lyric joining Warbeast, Bruce states, “Obviously I’m really proud of him and it’s nice to have a member of the family in the band too. He explains why this didn’t happen sooner. “We’ve all known how talented Lyric was for many years. But I believed it would have been a mistake to give him a chance like this too soon. It was kind of like the old show Kung Fu and he was Grasshopper”… ‘When you can take the pebble from my hand, it will be time for you to join Warbeast.’ Haha!”

Of course no one can sum this new lineup better than the valiant Scott Shelby, “I’m excited to have young new talent looking to make their mark on the music scene with Warbeast,” states the legendary Warbeast guitarist. “They are hungry as well as ‘The Beast’ is to bring new material and shows for fans and Take The World!!!”

Warbeast also recently had a clean sweep in the Thrash Metal category for the Maxima Distorzion Awards… which honors Texas bands and musicians for Metal, Rock and Punk genres. Not only did Warbeast win the “People’s Choice” award for Best Thrash Band in Texas. The three remaining core members of the band also won the “People’s Choice” awards in their respective categories.

Fans voted old-school veteran vocalist Bruce Corbitt as the Best Thrash Singer in Texas. Scott Shelby the Thrash Master aka ‘Shelbeast’ won for Best Thrash Guitarist in Texas. Joey “Blue” Gonzalez also came out on top for Best Thrash Drummer in Texas.

Warbeast will also be given a “DIEHARD” Award as well. The “DIEHARD” Award is given to those bands or musicians that helped spread Texas Metal. – First Year Award winners were “Rigor Mortis (Official)!”
This year the Maxima Distorzion Awards will be honoring 6 Texas Legends: WARBEAST, HELSTAR, DEADHORSE, ASKA, DEMONSEED and DOYLE BRIGHT.

Since Warbeast was already chosen for the “Diehard” Award… they were not required to participate in the nominations polls for the “People’s Choice” Awards. But Texas Metal fans kept adding their names to all ballots and any nominations that they had anything to do with “THRASH or SPEED METAL”… Warbeast was very humble and took part in the voting selections and won in all categories they were nominated for.
To show their gratitude and appreciation, Warbeast has agreed to perform at the Maxima Distorzion Award Show that is on July 18 in Houston, Texas at The Concert Pub North. Also performing will be fellow “Diehard” Award winners Helstar, Aska and Doyle Bright’s new band S.O.G…. along with 17 other award winning Texas bands.

The band is also writing new material for their next release on Housecore Records. The new lineup assault begins in May with some killer Texas Metal Fest. See below for these confirmed show dates:

“Welcome To Hell Fest 2015”
May 9 – Houston, TX at Fitzgerald’s
Poor Dumb Bastards
Images Of Violence
Screw Missile
“Fort Worth Metal Fest” – Memorial Day Weekend (May 22-24)
May 22 at the Rail Club in Ft. Worth Texas
A Threat to the Enemy
Skard Soul
Wake the Fear
Pardon Me, Devil