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VESPERIA – Reveals New Lineup


After a half year of relative recluse, Canadian epic metal quartet VESPERIA returns to the fray with an onslaught of fresh news.

In addition to a new logo created by the band’s frontman / bassist Morgan Rider, the group is also very pleased to announce drummer Dylan Gowan (Hallow’s Die) to its ranks, commenting:

“Dylan immediately clicked into place when the guys began to jam with him. He understands the concept of our music and is able to interpret and execute the extreme drumming style we seek for Vesperia! We have been extremely quiet lately rehearsing all of the new material for the next release and planning our approach to touring and recording through 2015.”

Vesperia is busy tidying up the pre-production tracks for a new album with the intention of recording a professional-quality EP to demonstrate the next chapter of the band.

A message from the band reads: “As of yet, we have not determined a definite track list or title for the album, but we have a general theme based off the written lyrics of solitude in the harshest extremities, balancing the scales of order and chaos and emerging a victor from every battle.”

Source: metalunderground