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ENTRAILS – Streaming New Track


With the release of Resurrected From The Grave – Demo Collection, the forthcoming mega compilation from Swedish death metal miscreants, ENTRAILS, quickly approaching, today the band spews forth the audio villainy of ninth track, “Breath Of Blood”.

Comments founding guitarist Jimmy Lundqvist of the hymn, “‘Breath Of Blood’ is one of those slabby songs that was made in the very early beginning of the ENTRAILS era back in the ’90s and is one of my own personal favorites. It’s filled with spider webs and cadaverous odors and of course some rotten feelings. It´s natural that this song is present in the demo! Prepare yourself for some neckexercise!”
Assesses Invisible Oranges: “‘Breath Of Blood’ is whittled with an attention to detail and editing sense sharpened by experience and hindsight. For instance, if Swede death’s quality is tied to its tone, ‘Breath Of Blood’ passes inspection. [Vocalist Jocke] Svensson and Lundqvist understood that, so their redux took extra care to sound like someone poured ball bearings down a running garbage disposal. However, here’s the best thing: below the flying shrapnel, ‘Breath Of Blood’ is dark. Not B-flick dark, but real life dark. ‘I know the time/When you grow up/Time has not changed/After your parents’ death,’ Svensson grunts, going on to detail the emotional wound that never closes after your folks check out of existence. Damn. Gut punch. There are few things more frightening than recalibrating mortality. If there’s any reason to take refuge within the time-preserving properties of a recording booth, there it is.”

“Breath Of Blood” is currently streaming at THIS LOCATION for your vile listening enjoyment.

Resurrected From The Grave – Demo Collection is an eighteen-track collection featuring ENTRAILS’ Reborn and Human Decay demos. The band was initially spawned in 1990 by Lundqvist but disbanded prematurely due to his dissatisfaction with their initial demo recordings. Lundqvist continued to write music however and fifteen years latyer decided to properly record his compositions with modern tools, computers, and some help from his accomplice, vocalist Jocke Svensson. The first ENTRAILS demo, Reborn, was tracked in early 2009 and the follow-up, Human Decay, shortly thereafter. The demos were originally self-released on homemade CDRs and limited to just fifty copies each though it had already been decided that they would need to be repressed at some point in the future for proper audio consumption.

Featuring members of Birdflesh and General Surgery, ENTRAILS tip their scythes to the teachings of Dismember, Grave, Entombed and Tomas Skogsberg’s Sunlight Studio alumni, wielding their menacing buzzsaw riffs, mutinous vocal onslaughts and sordid tales of suffering, doom and the undead with the grandiose poise and divine brutality of their forefathers. ENTRAILS’ most recent full-length, Raging Death, was released via Metal Blade in May of last year. Metal Hammer noted that Raging Death “should satisfy those who are hungry for something oldschool,” New Noise Magazine dubbed it, “an absolutely perfect slab of catchy, violent Swedish death metal,” Stereogum gushed, “Now on their third album, ENTRAILS are still putting young knockoff artists to shame. Perfect for blasting, banging, and bashing,” while Sputnik Music added in a 4/5 rating, “ENTRAILS release an extremely-solid death metal album that promises to fuck your sister and worship Satan, even if you don’t have a sister. Or a Satan.”

Resurrected From The Grave – Demo Collection will be available on CD and digitally in North America on July 22nd, 2014.