June 13, 2024

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"It's been a little silent here as of late (if you don't count the activity at the forums, a place we always suggest you check out as we are there on a daily basis), but that doesn't mean there's nothing going on in the Hate Camp. We actually have shitloads of stuff in the making and now it's about time we reveal most of it. We have signed a new album deal, which feels really, really good. They have shown interest in TPH for quite some time and now when the label is rolling we gladly accepted their offer and decided to be a part of their roster. Head honcho Roel is an old acquaintance of K's which definitely played a huge part when it came down to signing to a label for the next album(s). We definitely have a nice vibe for this collaboration and our first album for Vic Records is in the making as we announce this relationship of satanic proportions and unholy bodily fluids. Eh, we don't even know what that means. Anyways, here are some plans for you, straight from the mouth of Hate.

"Vocalist Jörgen Sandström will start doing his vocals in a few weeks or so and will work with them from time to time during the rest of the year and probably for a bit of 2009 depending on how much time he can get on his hands. Once he enters the studio he does his stuff faster than a blastbeat so just keep your fingers crossed he can wrap his vocal sessions up asap.

"Drums will be done in Örebro, Sweden, January 2009. We are checking back and forth for a weekend that will suit us all and we are getting there. Just some final details to nail, but January is when the drums will be recorded and this will happen in www.studioseven.se, a studio owned by Saint Deamn, ex-Dionysus drummer Ronny Milianosonovabitch-somehting… We are definitely looking forward to record those toms with him.

"Jonna's vocals will be done during 4 days in January, 2009 as well. Once again we will enter vocal coach Robban's (whom we have worked with during the past 2 albums) studio and bring down the heavens and whatnot with some diabolical serenades courtesy of Ms. Jo. We are working on the final dates with this too, but January is determined.

"Michael will put down his bass in his home studio whenever he's got the time. And you all know Michael – there will be some insane bass work done.

"This means that we should have everything completed to be delivered to Dan Swanö sometime in late January, early February if everything goes down as planned. We can guarantee you one fantastic piece of blasphemy when Vic Records release this piece sometime in May/June (if all the schedules work out as planned now). It's definitely the most brutal stuff we have ever written, and at the same time the most beautiful. We are so confident with these 7 tunes it's not even sane. We can't wait to get all of this out to you loyal Haters who always supported us. And to have Vic Records hand it out to you feels like a blessing at this stage as they can actually get the album out to stores with their distribution (something we are not exactly spoiled with).

"So, now you know what's up. We are impatiently waiting to finalize this piece and bring it upon the world. Just to see the very same world perish in flames due to said album's Domination."