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METAL CHURCH – Pulling Out Of 2009 Tour With OVERKILL



 TMD Rocks!

 "After the successful spring/summer/fall gigs of 2008 around the world, the band is now taking some time off from full activity. This simply means composing new material for the somewhere-in-future-to-be-released next album, taking care of other (earthly) businesses and charging of the 'armageddon batteries' overall. We've been planning to start the next album recordings around the spring/summertime of 2009, but we have also decided to not to be in any kind of hurry with that matter. It's a totally 'when we feel like' situation at the moment. There might be some one-off gigs done here and there during the wintertime, but more of those later. So the answer to the question (at our website) 'are we dead' (referring to the long web-silence) is: 'You wish…'"