July 13, 2024

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SEPULTURA – Issues New Album Update


SEPULTURA guitarist, Andreas Kisser has posted a new message online confirming that the group’s forthcoming new studio album, their first with drummer Eloy Casagrande, is half way to completion. His message reads as follows:

“We are flowing with the recording now, things are going great and we are capturing an amazing performance from Eloy (Casagrande; drums). Ross is a master on motivating a musician in the studio, he can find the right words and the right manner to say things, the songs grow so much. Every time we prepare to record a song we, the band and Ross, spend about 30 to 40 minutes talking about the theme of the lyrics, why we wrote what we wrote? They are incredible conversations and doing this we know ourselves better we know and each other better, we build a stronger band, a real unity. When we are ready to record all the ideas are fresh in our heads, with full meaning and strength, a process that making not only a great album but is making this band stronger.

“We have six songs recorded, is going in a rate of two songs a day and Ross is also giving important suggestions on some arrangements and directions, he is so sensitive and very close to nature, philosophical but real, very real.

We are all together in a very small room playing our hearts out, Ross is jumping and screaming making us explode on the room. All is sweaty and full of energy that you almost can grab it, is amazing. Every time that Ross have an idea he stop everything to try out the changes, 95% of his input we use it, it’s a team effort for the better of the song.

“We have 12 songs to record and two bonus tracks (the previously announced covers of DEATH and Brazilian group CHICO SCIENCE E NAÇÃO ZUMBI) as I mentioned before, originally we had 13 songs but once we were here we decided to cut one and focus on the 12. I would like to share too some of the working titles for the songs we have. When we write the music, most of the time we don’t have a name for it so we create some nicknames to help us identify the songs, it can come from the style of the songs or anything else that will make us remind the riffs we are working on. For instance, the style of the music can help like ‘PUXADA (Pulling)’ that reminds the style of riffing I’m playing on the guitar or ‘PORRADA (Punch),’ which is the fastest song on the album. Other nicknames are: ‘Strangiatto,’ ‘Xisto Riff,’ ‘Fu Riff,’ ‘Levada Eloy,’ ‘Balada,’ ‘Tsunami’ and ‘The Vatican,’ which is the actual name for the song but started as a nickname cause we wrote the song the very day and time the Argentinian Cardinal Francis was chosen as the new Pope in Rome. It’s one of the most evil lyrics I ever wrote.

“As we decide the names of the songs I will let you all know here so you all have a feel how these things works.

“Paulo is cooking for us, he’s a very good cook and Eloy’s mom can be sure that he’s eating properly and healthy, all good with the kid but today a friend of Ross will prepare a barbecue for us, it will be cool to give a break to Paulo from the kitchen. At the living room there’s a pinball machine from the 70’s working perfectly, is our favorite pass time. Of course the house stays right at the beach and is always cool to walk around and enjoy the vibe from Venice beach, a nice way to recharge the energy for the recording.

“It will be a week tomorrow and things are going strong!”

Source: Metalunderground