June 22, 2024

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Redneck Remedy

 TMD Rocks!

Residing from Chicago's Southland in Kankakee, IL, Redneck Remedy is a four piece Southern Fried Metal band that plays for the love of music and sanity. Since the band evolved in 2006 Redneck Remedy has played countless venues in the Chicago Land area, Central Illinois, as well as Northwest & Central Indiana and has proven to be a crowd favorite wherever they go. With great lyrics from songs like "Dig Me A Hole" and "Consequences" to the partying/drinking songs of "Dead & Still Boozin" and "All For Another Day".

Redneck Remedy gives the listeners and concert goers a sense of connection with the band and a release on everyday life. Not to mention the musical ability of the band as a whole. Early on in 2008 the band set out to record their debut CD which has 14 tracks and is still nearing it's completion. Redneck Remedy plans to go right back to the studio and record their second follow up CD after the release of their first and has Already started writing for their third. For now, Redneck Remedy plans to play as many shows as possible in the Midwest as well as across the country to build the Redneck Family fan base known as the Shotgun Crew. If interested in booking Redneck Remedy you can contact them through this MySpace or e-mail them at [email protected]. Attention: BigJohn – Booking.

Please be a part of the redneck family!



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