July 21, 2024

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Candlelight Records proudly announces the worldwide signing of EARTH CRISIS. The Syracuse-based band, featuring vocalist Karl Buechner, guitarists Scott Crouse and Erick Edwards, bassist Ian Edwards, and drummer Dennis Merrick, is currently writing and demoing material for their ninth studio album. Recording is expected to begin in June.

No hardcore or metal fan can be unaware of EARTH CRISIS or the contributions the band has made to heavy music since their founding in 1989. Championing the weak and the voiceless, the band has over 200,000 catalogue sales to date, according to Nielsen Soundscan. Regardless of passing trends, the five-piece has maintained their vision, dedication to their craft (and causes), and most importantly respected their fans in the 20-plus years of their performing career. In 2013, the band embarks on a new chapter delivering mission music as only they can.

Guitarist Scott Crouse says, “We are excited to be working on a new album, and equally as excited to be working on it with Candlelight. Their roster speaks for itself. It’s an honor to be alongside bands like Fear Factory, Corrosion of Conformity, and our old friends in Vision of Disorder.” Vocalist Karl Buechner comments, “I’m really looking forward to sharing this next chapter of EC with Candlelight Records. I think they’ve proven to know the genre well, and will help push us in the right direction.” Candlelight co-owner Steve Beatty notes, “I am very proud to have EARTH CRISIS on Candlelight. I hope our partnership sees the band retain their rightful place in extreme music.”

Founded by Buechner, EARTH CRISIS has enjoyed two chapters in their musical journey. From 1991 to 2001, the straight-edge, vegan band would cultivate a global fanbase. Enduring numerous line-up changes, van accidents, and the natural up-and-down of music industry fads, the band released five full-length albums, two EPs, and two live albums before saying goodbye before a sold out audience at the 6th Annual Hellfest in 2001. Six years later, the band would reunite and perform at the Maryland Metal & Hardcore Festival January 2007. It would open the door to additional performances in the US and Europe, later leading to the band’s headline appearance at 2008’s Firestorm Fest. A rejuvenated EARTH CRISIS would later record two albums, To the Death (2008) and Neutralize the Threat (2011). Each followed by extensive international touring. Revealing a bit about the new album and its focus, Buechner conveys, “Lyrically this new record is going to focus strictly on an animal rights/anti-vivisection theme. Of course this is what the band is known for, but we’ve actually never solely dedicated an entire album to the topic.”

“EARTH CRISIS has made a name for itself not only through punishing metal and hardcore, but via staunch support of straight edge, animal rights, and veganism,” says Lambgoat editor Alex Arnold. “Few bands command the respect that EARTH CRISIS does, and they’ve earned it through 20 years of hard work and consistency. Contain, control, to dominate! Contain, control, exterminate!”

EARTH CRISIS will break from songwriting at month’s end to perform four shows for their Australian fans. Confirmed dates are noted below. Tickets are on sale now.

EARTH CRISIS Australian Tour:

1/31/2013 The Hi Fi – Brisbane

2/01/2013 Hermanns Bar – Sydney

2/02/2013 The Corner Hotel – Melbourne

2/03/2013 Fowlers Live – Adelaide