June 14, 2024

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A landing page that houses pre-orders and one song from each reissue is now live at the following location. The San Francisco based, groundbreaking progressive metal outfit HAMMERS OF MISFORTUNE joined the Metal Blade Records roster in early 2010 and is currently at work writing their new studio album, which is expected to be released in 2011. The following reissues will also be made available on vinyl via Metal Blade Records in the fall 2010.

The Bastard (originally released: 2001)

“An unknown San Francisco-based band called Hammers of Misfortune releases a metal opera entitled THE BASTARD, one of the best metal albums ever. It wins recognition in Terrorizer Magazine as one of the ‘Top 40 Albums of the Year.’ But no one seems to notice. Tragic is only perhaps slightly too strong a term to describe this situation.” Maelstrom.com

The band’s first release, The Bastard, is an epic tale told in three acts with three distinct characters/voices. The release was met with critical acclaim and was voted among the top 40 releases of 2001 by the writers of Terrorizer Magazine.

The August Engine (originally released: 2003)
“THE AUGUST ENGINE is one of the finest pieces of epic metal that I have ever heard. Hammers of Misfortune have exceeded every expectation that I had coming into this album, and there is something on this disc for fans of all types of metal. Fans of The Lord Weird Slough Feg, US Power Metal, Folk, and NWOBHM especially will want to check this album out.” Metal-Observer.com

The August Engine was voted as the best album of 2003 by Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles writer Chris Bruni and received a 10/10 rating from a different writer in the same issue: “Entirely something new, and entirely something creatively masterful.” Martin Popoff, BW&BK

The Locust Years (originally released: 2005)
“Notoriety and record sales be damned, I don’t think there’s a better band out there right now than Hammers of Misfortune. THE LOCUST YEARS is the kind of record that will be talked about fifty years from now – this is a metal opera that fucking rocks unashamedly, dexterous virtuoso metal that never forgets hooks and heart.” BLABBERMOUTH.NET

Fields/Church of Broken Glass (originally released: 2008)
“What qualities define a truly great band? Proficiency, of course; technical acumen, originality, a vision – these are sufficient, while heart, soul and depth are absolutely necessary. But there’s something else; some magic unknown that makes a band meaningful to its listeners. Whatever that thing is, Hammers of Misfortune has it – a nearly painful beauty, like first love, a radiant sunset, good fortune descending from nowhere.

“Reminiscent of those glory days in the ’70s when ambitious ventures from bands like Genesis rewarded the faithful with an overload of ideas and sensations, albums simply too rich and interesting and complex to play just once, or even 10 times. Hammers of Misfortune combine gorgeous vocal harmonies recalling folk-based classic rock – the Mammas And The Pappas, Jefferson Airplane, the Byrds – with sinuous, complex Opeth worthy arrangements and keyboard pomp Keith Emerson would the proud of. The Hammers are simply the finest unknown rock/metal/folk/Renaissance band working today, and like any lover, I’m jealous of sharing them. But I must.” Metal Maniacs Magazine