July 19, 2024

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Tampa, Florida (USA) death metal act SIX FEET UNDER are back with their 3rd installment of the band’s cover series, Graveyard Classics 3, due out on Metal Blade Records January 19th 2010. In support of the upcoming release, SFU has unleashed the very first single from the album on their MySpace page. The first single off of Graveyard Classics 3 is a cover of Slayer’s track ‘At Dawn They Sleep’ off of the groups ‘Hell Awaits’ album.

Here’s what vocalist Chris Barnes has to say about the track:

“We chose the track ‘At Dawn They Sleep’ to be the first single off of Graveyard Classics 3. We’ve wanted to do a Slayer song for a while and lots of our fans have been requesting that we do a Slayer song as well; ‘At Dawn They Sleep’ really seemed like it would lend itself to our style. And to be honest I’ve always preferred the early Slayer stuff, ‘Hell Awaits’ and prior. I think the production and song structure of their early recordings are raw and in your face, in a very dynamic way, and that’s the type of band SFU is, so it seemed to fit on a bunch of different levels. We fucking love Slayer!”

In honor of SIX FEET UNDER’s upcoming release Graveyard Classics 3, Metal Blade Records is offering fans the chance to pre-order the CD at a special low rate. In addition to this pre-order, fans will also have the option to order Graveyard Classics 3 with a SIX FEET UNDER t-shirt for a special low rate. Head over to Metal Blade’s Online Store to check out details on the album, view the t-shirt, and purchase your copy of Graveyard Classics 3.

CD Pre-Order: $9.99
CD & T-shirt Pre-Order: $21.99
*Pre-order ends 1/19
**Metal Blade Records is currently having a Holiday sale so items are currently 15% off. Sale ends 1/15

Graveyard Classics 3 was recorded at D.O.I. Digital Audio in Tampa, FL, was mixed at Audiohammer Studios by Mark Lewis, and was produced by Chris Barnes.

Track listing for Graveyard Classics 3:
1. A Dangerous Meeting- Mercyful Fate
2. Metal on Metal- Anvil
3. The Frayed Ends of Sanity- Metallica
4. At Dawn They Sleep- Slayer
5. Not Fragile- BTO
6. On Fire-Van Halen
7. Pounding Metal- Exciter
8. Destroyer- Twisted Sister
9. Psychotherapy- The Ramones
10. Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck- Prong