June 15, 2024

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John 5 Wants Out Of MÖTLEY CRÜE: He is “Dissatisfied with the process of being in the band”

TMD has got word from a source close to the Crue’s camp that confirmed replacement guitarist John 5 is not happy with MÖTLEY CRÜE and is attempting to quit touring with the glam metal group. The former Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson guitarist has apparently been “dissatisfied with the process of being in the band” and so now they are caught in a dilemma because they still have a bunch of concerts booked this year, albeit at the State Fair or your local Winstar Casino.

The Crue has been plagued by poor concerts that got decimated by rock critics all over, that began with The Stadium Tour comeback gigs in 2022 that Mick Mars confirmed were not authentic and that every member besides him was faking it by using backing tracks for their instruments and doing lip sync for lead and backing vocals.

Ticket sales began to plummet for the Crue when fans learned that Mars was being “gaslighted” and his retirement earnings from the band nearly knocked down to zero stake in a musical act that he named himself and landed their first major contacts, including producer and concert promoter.

TMD recently reported that Sixx and Neil called off the new Crue studio album, after John 5 admitted they only had 3 songs ready to release as stand-alone singles (that insiders revealed was 100% AI generated), which was the first indication that things were not going well in the Crue’s camp and the working relationship between 5 and Sixx had fallen apart.