June 15, 2024

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Carmine Appice Never Heard Anything From Nikki Sixx About His ‘Jam Off’ Challenge: “You f***!”

During an interview with The Logan Show the legendary rock drummer Carmine Appice came out all guns blazing, when the rock immortal said he hadn’t heard anything from Nikki Sixx about his call out, that came about after the fake bassist called him a “washed up drummer.”

“I knew Nikki for a long time. They opened up for Ozzy when I was with Ozzy, and Nikki lived around the corner from me. We used to go out for breakfast, and I got his phone number and his real name in my phone. And I haven’t talked to him in a while, but ever since they got big, they got a little stuffy. Now that’ll come out now: ‘Carmine says Nikki Sixx is stuffy.’ But that’s the truth.

“So when he started that stuff, and he called me a has-been drummer, I said, ‘You fuck. What did you start? Give me something that you started in this industry. I can tell you a bunch of stuff I started that’s still going on. What did you start?’ That’s why I challenged him. I never heard anything back. Because I was a has-been drummer, he said.”

The back and forth between Sixx and Appice goes back to last March.

It got kicked off when Appice shared some ‘Dirt’ apparently had about Mick Mars’ departure/ousting from the Crüe. At the time, Appice said in an interview with Ultimate Guitar that Mars had told him he was particularly ‘irked by the alleged use of backing tracks’ while playing live.

The Crue canceled their New Year’s eve gig due to poor ticket sales and have now also canceled their new studio album, believe it or not. They are opting to go with releasing stand alone singles from now on only after critic accused their first single “Dogs Of War” of being 100% AI generated.