April 17, 2024

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VINCENT CROWLEY – “Anthology of Horror” Out Now

Vincent Crowley’s “Anthology of Horror” out now on CD, LP and digital! A dark Heavy Metal adventure telling tales of horror and the macabre created by Vincent Crowley (ex-Acheron mastermind). A must have for both old school Death Metal fans as well fans of Mercyful Fate and Candlemass!

Order here:
Vincent Crowley – Anthology of Horror Digi-CD
Vincent Crowley – Anthology of Horror Gatefold LP (Red vinyl)
Vincent Crowley – Anthology of Horror Gatefold LP (Black vinyl)

Press quotes:

„Ein starkes Teil!“ (Legacy D)

„Die amerikanische Truppe ist mit beiden Beinen tief im Heavy Metal verwurzelt, scheut sich aber auch nicht davor, ihre Songs mit Einflüssen aus Death- und Doom Metal anzureichern.“ (Rock Hard D)

„…, if you’re familiar to ACHERON, you like Horror themes and you’re not looking for a dose of brutal and ultra fast Death Metal, “Anthology Of Horror” is an honest album.“ (VoicesFromTheDarkside D)

„With Anthology Of Horror and its predecessor Beyond Acheron, Vincent Crowley has definitely found his niche in the realms of horror, capturing the mood and creating mental imagery superbly with the music and lyrics. It’s an end-to-end winner for me. I absolutely love this album.“ (Metal Talk UK)

„Candlemass meets Mercyful Fate but with death metal vocals sounds like something everyone should enjoy, so I hope that ‘Anthology of Horror’ really kicks the band into a bigger public consciousness, because this record is great, grim fun.“ (Those Once Loyal UK)