July 18, 2024

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INDUSTRY SOURCE: Corey Feldman Wants To Sing For PANTERA

Former 80s actor Corey Feldman has experienced a resurgence in his popularity as of late, and it’s not for his bad acting. No, this time the genius savant with a crooked smile has made a name for himself trying to pretend he is the second coming of Michael Jackson. The only problem is that Corey Feldman doesn’t know how to sing or dance.

That is not stopping fans from rushing out to his disastrous concert performances, whenever Feldman rolls into town – and to make our lives more interesting, everyone’s choice for worst Nu Metal band LIMP BIZKIT is taking Feldman out on tour, believe it or not.

TMD has been tipped off that Feldman has personally contacted Pantera’s management and sent a demo of his new music he is working on, which included a Pantera cover of the song “Shattered”.

With word going around that Pantera vocalist Phil Anselmo is going to be fired for his racist outburst at Dimebash 2016 industry insiders are beginning to speculate who will be his eventual replacement.

Feldman, according to the source, is a big-time heavy metal fanatic, and thinks he can bring something fresh to the table when singing Pantera songs.

“Corey just wants to prove he is not a one trick pony now that he is a dance music sensation… he can rock out really hard when he wants to. Somebody just needs to give him a chance.”

Fans have begun to criticize Anselmo during Pantera’s reunion/tribute tour for having to lip sync because he is too out of shape to sing the songs. “The Kid” attempted to go without backing tracks in the latest gigs seen on YouTube but he got more criticism because his voice is “broken”. Sadly, Anselmo cannot hit the high notes in Pantera’s early classic any longer.