June 22, 2024

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PANTERA – Abbott Estate Still Plans To Fire Phil Anselmo If He Does Not Film PSA For “Racial Profiling”

Troubled PANTERA vocalist Phil Anselmo has found himself at the mercy of the Abbott estate purportedly, since they have been planning to replace the vocalist over his racist outburst where he said “White Power” and flashed the Nazi salute on stage at Dime Bash event in 2016.

TMD has been tipped off that while tour dates have been announced for PANTERA’s 2024 USA tour, the word coming out of the band’s camp is that Anselmo could still be replaced by the start of the new year.

Anselmo was apparently asked by the Abbott estate to donate $100,000 to a charitable cause in Dime’s name, to settle the matter, although it is not clear if Anselmo has made the donation. But along with that punishment, word is that the Abbott estate also wants Anselmo now to appear on camera with a black man discussing the “the dangers of racism” but “The Kid” is not agreeable to filming a public service announcement at this time, although it is being considered by his team.

More details to be shared soon as this breaking story continues to develop.