Vince Neil – To Undergo Gender Reassignment Surgery?

Vince Neil – To Undergo Gender Reassignment Surgery?

MÖTLEY CRÜE‘s troubled lead singer Vince Neil, 62, has faced an unordinary amount of criticism from Crue fans and rock music critics all over the world over the past few years. The Stadium Tour turned out to be the biggest disappointment in rock n roll history, when the twice postponed trek around North America was plagued with the band being busted using “backing tracks” and saw Neil forced to “lip synch” for much of the concerts, due to his inability to sing the songs that made him famous in the first place.

Even his contemporaries in the rock industry continuously make fun of the rotund vocalist, pointing out that he was the inspiration for the Aerosmith song “Dude (Looks Like A Lady)” that kicked off the trans revolution, in some’s eyes.

There are those who believe that Neil was actually born a woman and has been trying to make the transition to man, unsuccessfully. Ouch! There are others who think he was born a male but is slowly but surely making the move to gender reassign to a female, this way he can take on the role of Skylar’s mommy eternally. Sounds strange and kooky, sure, but this kind of thing happens all the time.

What is the real problem with Vince Neil? Is there really an underlying problem that the singer is masking with $10,000 bottles of booze, abusive behavior towards others in the public, and devastatingly horrible Crue live concert performances?

Believe it or not, some insiders have begun to speculate that Neil’s mental anguish stems from him purportedly considering pulling a Bruce Jenner, and go through with a sex change operation, having his penis removed and his genitals molded into a vagina.

Tommy Lee even went on the record years ago saying that Neil appears to be “sad” all the time.

Does the loss of his beloved daughter Skylar weigh so heavily on him still that the singer has mentally reverted to thinking he is a mother that has lost the child he felt was birthed from his own womb?

Pictured: Neil on tour with the Crue last year, appearing bloated, wearing dress-like stage outfits and acting very womanly!

Many accusations against Neil have been made for the original lineup’s breakup, since Mick Mars launched his lawsuit against the band, claiming they are “ripping him off” and confirmed that indeed the entire band but himself was guilty of fake performing along to prerecorded audio. There is now the leak about “Satanic rituals, Anton LaVey and sex orgies with groupie virgins”. Neil’s battle against the bottle has been very public, kicking off recently with his drunken Cameo video, where just before the comeback for the Crue started, he was having difficulty even forming a proper sentence talking, he was so inebriate. This was followed by the singer drunkenly falling off the stage next a solo gig, along with quitting halfway through a song, complaining that “My voice is gone!”

In Satanism, it is taught that the legion worships Baphomet, which is a demonic god that apparently assumes both female and male genders at the same time.

Has Neil’s own Satanic devil worshipping, exposed by ex-Crue limo driver Al Bowman, developed his way of thinking into believing he is really a woman?

Whatever the problem is, Neil and the new Crue with replacement guitarist John 5 are returning to the scene of the crime, touring North America again in 2024 where many fans feel they were disrespected with non-authentic live concerts, and allegedly firing an elderly Mick Mars.