June 22, 2024

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Renowned Master Vocal Coach Analyzes Vince Neil: “I hope he loses some weight and gets back in shape!” (VIDEO)

MÖTLEY CRÜE‘s troubled vocalist Vince Neil, 62, is under a lot of pressure to get his stage act together for the glam metal band’s 2024 tour in North America. Ousted Crue guitarist Mick Mars contends in his lawsuit against his former band mates that everyone but himself were using prerecorded audio at their comeback concerts last year. Neil began complaining about losing his ability to sing and a couple years ago quit halfway through a song at a solo concert. “My voice is gone!”

What can be done at this stage in the game? Neil is certainly in need of some help, even just some friendly advice as to what changes can be made to try and get his voice back on track. After some research into the best coaches for rock vocals in the industry today, there was one name that stuck out as being the best man to help fans understand what is going wrong exactly with Neil’s voice currently.

Neil appeared heavier during last year’s The Stadium Tour, wearing loose fitting stage clothing to hide his obvious “abdominal obesity” issues.

A world-renowned Master Vocal Coach, one of the most trusted experts in hard rock and heavy metal vocals, Ken Tamplin, a highly experienced singing coach who educates the masses on how to sing songs of all different genres properly, not just hard rock and heavy metal, could very well have the answer we have all needed to hear. Ken has made his awesome professional assessment via a video uploaded to his YouTube channel analyzing Vince Neil’s problems when it comes to singing the classic Crue hits properly.

Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy – Learn How To Sing Better Online

Ken pulls no punches in what he sees needs to change immediately with respect to Vince Neil‘s unhealthy lifestyle, which is negatively impacting his ability to sing.

“I hope he loses some weight and gets back in shape,” says Tamplin, a longtime rock singer and vocal expert. Tamplin is also famous for being in a band back in the late 80s with legendary MEGADETH guitarist Marty Friedman. The band was called SHOUT.

There is no shame in one getting this kind of professional help to ensure the quality of your singing, not only out on tour, but also in the studio, where we know Vince has struggled over the years. It would be nice if the glam metal icon didn’t actually need to use AI technology in the studio, as many speculate will most likely happen, and instead he just revamps his lifestyle and singing voice. By hiring a vocal expert, it allows him to achieve these goals.

Insiders in the rock biz believe what Neil really needs to do is hire someone of Tamplin’s expertise level, in terms of not just teaching the singer to be ready for the live stage, but who can also work with the artist to recapture his earlier sound in the studio.

Ken Tamplin, “The Proof is in the Singing!”

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