April 18, 2024

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PAUL GILBERT – Silence Followed By A Deafening Roar E-Card Online




"I've been extremely busy with my instrumental project and some very exciting news (not MERCY CLINIC-related) that I will be releasing in the next coming months.

"The instrumental project, which will be named soon and released, might actually turn into a group with a singer. Still trying to feel it out and obviously need to find the right voice. The music is turning out so crazy that it can easily stand by itself with no voice involved, but adding the right vocal might be a whole other level as well.

"It's nice to be playing 'heavy' music but actually not playing metal for a change. It's some of the heaviest music I've ever been a part of, in my opinion.

"As far as the 'exciting news,' once everything is agreed upon and locked in writing, there will be a press release issued explaining what it's all about. All I can say about it right now is that I never in a million years thought that I would end up doing this but it's extremely exciting and I can't wait for everyone to hear about it."

THE MERCY CLINIC is/was the California-based band featuring former DAMAGEPLAN frontman Patrick Lachman, guitarists Harrah and Josh Stinson (DRIST), bassist Steed Najera (TRIPLE SEVEN), and drummer Bevan Davies (DANZIG, COMES WITH THE FALL, JERRY CANTRELL).