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Chris Cornell’s Book By Rocket (UPDATED)

Chris Cornell. Blumenthal Performing Arts Center, Charlotte NC. 20 June 2016.’s creator and editor-in-chief Randy “Rocket” Cody has issued a new update:

“I just got off the phone with a book publisher for my forthcoming Chris Cornell book. Let me first start out by saying that the manuscript is now almost finished. The book I am writing about Chris is based off my original reporting that was worldwide published on the biggest news sites, amassing hundreds of millions of views. I am letting fans know that it is my intention to bring this covered up story to the masses in a way that would be profound. While I have not yet made the decision which company I’m going to use to help me publish my book, I am speaking to different publishers to see who is the best for my legendary work, and so I just wanted to update all of the fans that I am looking to make my move to the book market very soon and will have official information on the release of this book very soon. If anyone has any suggestions, tips, ideas about the execution of my Chris Cornell book release, please email me at: [email protected]. I am open to reading people’s messages, as long as it is productive and helpful. Thanks for your ongoing support. Big thanks to my buddy Ryan O Neal on WQEE ‘The Key’ 99.1 for all of his support on FM Radio, in regard to my Chris Cornell death investigation reporting.”