June 20, 2024

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Nikki Sixx Says New MÖTLEY CRÜE Album Will Be “More Personal” & Have “Huge Walls Of Guitars”

MÖTLEY CRÜE recently revealed that the band had entered the studio with producer Bob Rock. And now Nikki Sixx has offered a further update on their progress recording their first new songs since The Dirt soundtrack, and first ever with guitarist John 5, replacement for Mick Mars.  It has been 15 years since the band released their last studio album: Saints of Los Angeles.

Sixx definitely has a score to settle with his former guitarist. Mars filed a lawsuit against his bandmates for “ripping him off” after he “carried” the Crue to superstardom. Sixx was even insulted further by Mars who insists that he is fake playing his bass at all of the Crue’s concerts. TMD first reported last year that Bob Rock was going to be helming what could very well be the final album by the glam metal legends.

Nikki Sixx: New Motley Crue music feels ‘more personal’

Taking to his official Instagram page, Sixx wrote about the new songs:

“I’m sure you all know how important lyrics are to me. This new set feels more personal since we haven’t recorded anything new in awhile. The studio is a highly creative space and with us recording I thought I’d try to get a creative head start on some of these for Vince [Neil, vocalist]. I got one done and gonna try to wrap up the next one and show it to the guys.”

Sixx continued, “Bob Rock is pushing us hard and bringing out the best in us. Tommy is playing his ass off. Jesus these drums sound huge. Probably lay down my final bass tracks in the next few days. John is so fast I’m sure he will get all the songs done in just a few days. But then again Bob Rock loves those huge walls of guitars so it could take a moment.

Referencing Mötley’s recently announced headline performance at the 2023 NFL Concert Series on April 28 at the Draft Theater in Kansas City, Sixx wrote, “Gonna take a break from recording to fly to Kansas to rehearse and then play the NFL draft show and then back to finish it all off. (Excited about the show.) When will it come out? Not sure. We haven’t thought that far down the line. Just letting the music guide us.”