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HOLLYWOOD, CA (April 29, 2008) –On April 8th Paul Gilbert let loose another instrumental masterpiece on Shrapnel Records. SILENCE FOLLOWED BY A DEAFENING ROAR comes out on the tail end of his successful and very first instrumental GET OUT OF MY YARD.

SILENCE FOLLOWED BY A DEAFENING ROAR is an emotionally fueled work of genius and guitar solo mastery that has become Gilbert’s signature. To celebrate this outstanding album Gilbert will perform at the Sunset Strip House of Blues where you can experience his new work.

SILENCE FOLLOWED BY A DEAFENING ROAR’s title is inspired by a recent move that Gilbert made from one house to another smack in the middle of recording this album. “After two long months of packing, moving, and learning about the vast sciences of plumbing and electrical house wiring, I was very much looking forward to becoming a GUITARIST again,” explains Gilbert. This CD is the result of that desire. “I suppose those two months without my guitar is the ‘Silence,’ and the sound of me happily reuniting with my favorite musical instrument could be the ‘Deafening Roar.’ ”

Joining Paul Gilbert is virtuoso Richie Kotzen with his new release LIVE IN SAO PAULO. This is Kotzens first live album ever coming out May 6th on Headroom-Inc. Live in Sao Paulo is an absorbing collective blend of Kotzens songs throughout the years. His live performance reflects the guitar style’s that has defined his career as a virtuoso. Kotzen reveals to fans live his true diversity with the rhythmic labors of ‘A Love Divine’ to the poignant ballad ‘Remember’. The performance continually travels between moments of classic-rock song ‘Shapes of Things’ to the uplifting original ‘Stand’.

This is a no-holds barred event so hold on for the ride as Gilbert & Kotzen promise to deliver a high-impact show – A show which will also set the tone for Gilbert’s upcoming tour with the great Joe Satriani in the U.K.

For additional information click on www.paulgilbert.com