April 15, 2024

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TRESPASSER – New Lyric Video Released

Today international anarchist black metal act TRESPASSER partnered with heavily trafficked web-portal Cvlt Nation to premiere the official “Hunted Like Wolves” lyric video. The song hails from the band’s debut album, “ЧОМУ НЕ ВИЙШЛО?”, out now via Heavenly Vault Records. The record displays a whirlwind of spellbinding melody and cascading violence, all tethered to thoughtfully dynamic songwriting.

Check out the “Hunted Like Wolves” lyric video HERE!

The band recently recruited Леопольд on drums, Upiór on bass and Gyða Hrund on guitar. With this line-up TRESPASSER will hit the road for the first time in September.

Tour dates:

4 sept – Leipzig (DE) – ZXRX
5 sept – Prague (CZ) – Balda bar
6 sept – Linz (AT) – Kapu 
7 sept – Salzburg (AT) – Anna
8 sept – Vienna (AT) – Venster
9 sept – DAY OFF
10 sept – Regensburg (DE) – Ask a friend!
11 sept – Frankfurt am Main (DE) – Klapperfeld
12 sept – Den Haag (NL) – De Samenscholing
13 sept – Wuppertal (DE) – AZ
14 sept – Hamburg (DE) – Gängeviertel

15 sept – Kiel (DE) – Alte Meierei
16 sept – Berlin (DE) – Köpi

TRESPASSER was formed by XVI to balance the right wing tendencies in the black metal sphere. Being repulsed by the fascistoid views held by the bands he worshipped, and remaining unimpressed with outspoken left-wing bands lack of brutality and musical skill,  he set out to create the record helonged to hear but had given up hope to find in the record stores. Brutal and relentless anarchist blast-beat mayhem. After recruiting Dräparn on vocals they hit the studio. The result is TRESPASSER‘s debut LP “ЧОМУ НЕ ВИЙШЛО?”

This is a seven song opus dealing with the history of anarchism. Although centered around Ukraine’s Nestor Makhno and the Makhnovshchina, inspiration has been found in a wider context of anarchist literature, songs and culture. 

“Let me be clear. This is not black metal. It’s everything black metal is not. It’s un-orthodox, non-magickal, un-true and un-cult. This is political music and these are anarchist anthems. It is materialist and anti-fascist music. I do acknowledge the connection between religion and politics, but I puke on black metals self-centered ego-worshipping and quasi-spiritual rituals. Liberation and emancipation lies not in individualist neo-spiritualist introspection. It lies, like always, in organisation”.

Listen: trespasserxvi.bandcamp.com
Order/book: [email protected]
Contact: [email protected]