WEST OF HELL – New Album Announced

Imperative Music Agency has announced a special agreement as official management of the Canadian heavy metal band WEST OF HELL.

West Of Hell has recorded their new album at the Armoury Studios (Strapping Young Lad, Nickelback, Kiss, Stone Sour, AC/DC) in Vancouver; they are focused juggernaut redefining the genre.

Musically, their new songs feature unique time signatures and unconventional arrangements leaning toward the epic, each and every note, guitar shred, wail, lyrical phrase and crushing thunder from the rhythm section is delivered with technical prowess, passion, and polish. In the tradition of British invasion metal from days past some songs continue on for longer than 7 minutes, holding the listener in its grasp from beginning to end.

West Of Hell seamlessly incorporates elements of thrash, death, tech melodic, aggressive, progressive, and timeless classic heavy metal. Blackened themes addressing the human condition dominate the lyrical content. West Of Hell’s new album unifies the genre.

West Of Hell will be presented on the new Imperative Music Compilation alongside Death, Cradle of Filth, Destruction, Hammerfall, and more.

Source: BW&BK


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