“The Figure In Black”, Rocky Horror & Dead Baby Heads

“The Figure In Black”, Rocky Horror & Dead Baby Heads

By Randy “Rocket” Cody

(Part 2 of a 3 part report)

Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary,
Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore—
While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping,
As of some one gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door.
“’Tis some visitor,” I muttered, “tapping at my chamber door—
Only this and nothing more.”
– Edgar Allan Poe, THE RAVEN

The crimes against humanity committed by “The Figure In Black” are without a doubt the most horrific and unspeakable acts of homicidal mayhem I have ever researched over the years.

Like Baphomet, the Satanic idol that members of freemasonry and Kabbalah must worship, “The Figure In Black” is said to combine both elements of man and woman.

“The Figure In Black” was birthed during the bloody savagery of the Vietnam war in the seventies and operated as an MK Ultra assassin for the CIA for the past few decades. Over time, the legend of his brutal killing style turned him into more of a myth than reality.

When “The Figure In Black” kills kids for Uncle Sam, they say he carves his initials “T.F.I.B” on the victim’s buttocks so that if anyone found the corpse they know he did it.

You see, he takes pride in his kills. He doesn’t want someone else taking credit for his work, and anyone that ever did try to claim one of his murders as their own were paid a late night visit that officially ended their own life.

Often donning a sequined dress during his bloody rampages, “The Figure In Black” is directly inspired by the character Norman Bates in the movie “Psycho”, for the truth is that the Hitchcock classic was used by the CIA during MK Ultra training/torture sessions with “The Figure In Black”.

After examining this monster’s background more closely, I have determined we are definitely dealing with a very rare serial killer, the JAWS of ‘making bodies disappear’, understand?

Nobody in the U.S. government will admit that he exists because it would blow the systematic cover up going on for decades.

As I explained in the first part of this report, The Finders Cult has been covertly funded by the Central Intelligence Agency since the eighties, when the Franklin Cover Up scandal happened during the Reagan/Bush administration.

MK Ultra child sex slave Paul Bonacci detailed a horrendous account of being forced to participate in a “Snuff film” directed by Johnny Depp’s late pal, Hunter S. Thompson.

It’s believed the man that decapitated a young boy in the film after raping him is “The Figure In Black”, known for often wearing either a black ball dress or a druid’s robe while he executes his innocent victims.

Like the film Rocky Horror Picture Show, whose lead is a crazed transvestite, “The Figure In Black”
wildy flaunts his dual identity of she-male.

Although he prefers to kill while dressed as a female, he will do the CIA assignments in other costumes.

A handful of online investigators now believe that the notorious ZODIAC KILLER who was never caught, and “the Figure In Black” are actually the same person.

The infamous killing spree that happened in Northern California in 1969, the same year the Manson murders took place, which are believed to have been orchestrated by the CIA, by way of using MK Ultra out of their secret Wonderland facility in Laurel Canyon, no doubt has Uncle Sam and a programmed killer written all over it, understand? Think about it.

“The Figure In Black” apparently holds the record for the highest body count in the Vietnam war. He is said to have killed an estimated 1,000 people during the U.S. implementation of what was called the Phoenix program, a massive campaign of torture and assassination aimed at destroying as many human beings as possible for the CIA.

Interestingly the Phoenix program had its roots in an attempt to mimic the tactics of the Viet Cong Vietnam was quite literally a giant laboratory to study counter insurgency tactics.

According to Defense Dept official 26,369 South Vietnamese civilians killed under Phoenix while the operation was under direct U.S. control (Jan 68 thru Aug 72 ).

The CIA’s leader Colby in 1973 admitted 20,587 deaths thru end 71, 28,978 captured, and 17,717 “rallied” to Saigon gvt. Thus approx 30% targeted individuals killed.

Counter-spy magazine described Phoenix Program as “the most indiscriminate and massive program of political murder since the nazi death camps of World War 2.”

In 1982, an Ex-Phoenix operative revealed that sometimes orders were given to kill U.S. military personnel who were considered security risks. He suspected the diabolical orders came not from “division”, but from a much higher authority like the CIA.

In the early days of the CIA presence there in Vietnam it’s said that CIA province chiefs were allowed to ‘experiment’ with different ways to combat the growing revolution. A man named Ralph Johnson decided to create ‘Mountain scouts’ to copy the tactics of the armed propaganda teams.

Recruiting the most hardened criminals, Viet Cong defectors, and various psychopaths, the CIA formed brutal death squads highly trained in methods of covert homicidal rampages.

As the story goes, “The Figure In Black” was the leader of one of Uncle Sam’s most elite clandestine murder brigades.

They would quietly sneak into a village in the middle of the night and viciously slaughter someone they ‘suspected of working with the National Liberation Front’, along with their families and any witnesses.

Usually the attack would be blamed on the Viet Cong. They called the tactic ‘counter terror’ since what they were doing was essentially terrorism. The truth is that throughout the Vietnam war the fine people over at the CIA staged false flag terror attacks even bombing theaters and blamed them on Viet Cong “Terrorists” time and time again.

It amazes me that this aspect of the war is not at all mentioned when looking at its relevance today.

The primary goal of the death squad commando’s was to sneak into NLF controller territory and kidnap and kill an unsuspecting target. Many children who got in the way were eliminated.

During my independently run death investigations for Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington, evidence of foul play and ‘post mortem’ report release delay leads #truther investigators like myself to now believe that both rockers were murdered and their deaths were staged to appear as suicides.

Both late musicians were working with abused kids, innocent little ones from Haiti and other areas where this is a huge problem. They are mostly being placed into sex slavery rings if not killed and parted out for profit I learned, and information that Chris and Chester purportedly came across is what forced the hand of the powerful evil cabal known as the Illuminati to have no choice but to kill them both and sacrifice their bodies to Lucifer.

This is why both men’s wives ‘moved fast’ to cremate before a second evaluation could be done.

This is why there are NO PHOTOS of either rocker’s dead bodies.

This is why there is NO VIDEO EVIDENCE from the CCTV camera in Mr. Cornell’s case.

This is why it took over 130 days for the L.A. County Coroner to release Mr. Bennington’s autopsy report.

Most people you come across in life don’t believe washed up celebs like Corey Feldman are tied to PEDOGATE… not as a victim, a perpetrator.

Yet, like sheep with no backbone, they just donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to this Illuminati butt puppet.

And, hell, they certainly do not believe #Pizzagate is real. Turn on late night TV and see what a joke
it has turned into whenever it’s mentioned.

News flash. Nobody in the mainstream news ever debunked #Pizzagate. They told lies and ran a false flag with a man and a fake gun walking in Comet Ping Pong with some BS attack “I am a crazy dude” scenario to throw the general public of their tracks, got it?

James Alefantis of Comet Ping Pong and Pegasus museum (you know super cool guy who pals around with the likes of John Podesta) is allegedly throwing around death threats online to anyone who dares try to investigate the matter more deeply, and DC Police when alerted a hacker found child porn on Comet’s computer server over a year ago, mockingly open and shut the case within one day at the end of 2017 to shut everyone up. No explanation given.

While hundreds of kids go missing each month in hot spots like Washington D.C. and Virginia, where most the corrupt government agencies are located, people simply turn their head and choose to live in denial when told what is happening.

Pictured: Johnny Gosch

Perhaps you will only believe it yourself when “The Figure In Black” comes knocking at your door.

I can tell you this with absolute certainty. He won’t show you or your loved ones any mercy. Remember that.



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