Vince Neil Named Brand Ambassador For McDonald’s ‘McRib’ Sandwich

Vince Neil Named Brand Ambassador For McDonald’s ‘McRib’ Sandwich

McDonald’s has named MOTLEY CRUE vocalist, Vince Neil, as a brand ambassador. The singer and actor will be the face of its returning McRib sandwich.

Vince Neil and his fans can rejoice in the news that the McRib sandwich will return this Halloween! Believe it or not the legendary sandwich celebrates its 40th anniversary just like the Crue.

A spokesman for the company issued the following statement:

“In light of what Vince Neil has been going through after falling off the stage during his most recent concert, the McDonald’s family wants to welcome him with open arms. We know everyone can relate to Vince Neil, and through the ups and downs of his life, he always manages to keep a smile on his face. We are proud to name Vince as our brand ambassador for the relaunch of the McRib.”

Fans are still shocked and saddened to learn that Vince injured himself after his fall onto concrete at Monsters On The Mountain festival.

The McRib Will Soon Return To McDonald’s And A Divided Nation Rejoices

LeoWeekly site details the promotion further:

“Like a villain in a slasher film, the McRib is returning to McDonald’s menus … right around Halloween. The McRib comes back to McDonald’s on Monday, Nov. 1, for the dreaded “limited-time only.” The unexpected re-emergence of the paradoxically boneless sandwich is in observance of its 40th anniversary. The McRib debuted on McDonald’s menus in 1981, but just didn’t catch on. Improbably, it went on to become a cult favorite among fast foodies over the years, even figuring into a Simpsons episode, and occasionally returns to McDonald’s franchises around the country when one least expects it.”

Vince Neil adds:

“I’m blessed to be alive right now, and just want to thank the big family over at McDonald’s for making me feel so welcome. When they offered me this opportunity I thought how can I pass it up? First off, I love the McRib sandwich and am just as excited as anyone else to be able to devour a few of them. Secondly, now that I will have some down time recuperating my ribs, helping promote such a legendary name is an honor.”

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