RANDY RHOADS – Last Concert Autographed Ticket Photos!


Den Headz, TMD has obtained several ‘image scans’ of what is perhaps the rarest OZZY OSBOURNE concert ticket ever — autographed by Ozzy, bassist Rudy Sarzo and late guitarist Randy Rhoads — from Knoxville, TN World’s Fair 1982 on March 18… the day before Rhoads was killed in a tragic plane wreck.

This is the last known autographed Randy Rhoads ticket believed to exist from this historic concert.

TMD thanks ticket owner Bob Dean for sharing. The rare ticket is now on file via PSA/DNA, who specialize in ‘Autograph Authentication’.






10 comments to RANDY RHOADS – Last Concert Autographed Ticket Photos!

  • Scott Tanner  says:

    I have photos of Randy Rhoads at Corpus Christi Memorial Coliseum. These photos are taken a short time before his passing.

  • Daddy Ron  says:

    fuckin’ ay how much for the ticket………i’m in knoxville and always have been…..miss the little fucker something awful……long gone, but NEVER FORGOTTEN…..never be another one like him…unless my son plays his cards right!

  • bob dean  says:

    ticket is not for sale….its my prized possession

  • william collins  says:

    from tazewell, 45 min north east of knoxville.randy rhoads was by far the greatest guitarist of all time.as a 6 yr old kid i had to talk my older sister into buying black sabbath and ozzy albums for me.and randy was the reason for me to pick up guitar and i still find my self in ahh at his talent.I now live in nashville and have yet to see anyone close.i share ozzy’s birthday dec 3 and love all his work.having said that there is no way in hell i would part with them.I guess I would be buried with my DR martins on feet and tickets in hand. thank you for the conservation of this great mark on history. god bless and have a great day

  • todd cushing  says:

    Thanks for posting a scan of your ticket stub–very, very cool. I’m a huge Randy fan; I owned and loved both Ozzy records while Randy was alive, but unfortunately I never saw him in concert. I’ve been to his grave and to the music school he taught at. I’ll be forever sad about Randy’s untimely death. The world missed out on a lot of great music.

  • Chris  says:

    I have an unsigned stub.from previous show in Atlanta. Anybody know what it is worth?

  • Chris  says:

    I am selling a stub from his next to last show in Atlanta March 17, 1982.


    This would be great in anyone’s collection.

  • Daniel Kennett  says:

    Wow what a great treasure! Im jealous! Im sure youve been offered tons for it. Just out os curiosity have you had it appraised? Thanks for sharing pics! A piece of music history and really cool to see.

  • Dan  says:

    Hi bob , what kind of offer did you received for this ticket, and would you consider any amount of money, I’m a serious collector.have you ever thought of selling it to the rock n roll hall of fame, please let me know, this ticket is a piece of music history

  • rokin rob  says:

    i have a blizzard of oz backstage pass from portland oregon show signed by all four members any idea what its worth? its un stuck just like day of show 8/11/81 hit me back people

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