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1. Hot Sauce

2. Tiempo Cura. Tiempo Mata

3. Helion Ardor

4. Honey Glazed Lucifer

5. Chunderpuss

6. Josephina

7. Holy Hand Grenade

8. Bear foot

9. Swing Darling

10. 36 Dead Hookers

11. Pissing On The Third Rail

In a music industry so dominated by ‘who you know’ or ‘how much you’re willing to pay’ to get your band ahead of the rest just for that slim as hell chance at all-out ‘rock n roll glory’, it’s so goddamn refreshing to hear something so well produced by three young dudes who aren’t even old enough to drink legally. Exemption is the closest thing I have ever heard to Led Zeppelin, Cream and Soundgarden tied into one in all my years of music listening. And so I ask myself, “How can they not even be twenty-one and be this good?”

With Tom on vocals, bass & piano, Nicky on guitars,...

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