Canadian groove metal band A PERFECT MURDER quit the music biz several years back due to lack of support from their label (Victory Records), and now they are back in 2013 with the new studio effort Demonize. This reviewer was only just starting to get into their music when they disbanded, so I was very much interested in hearing the new music. Kicking off with the rampaging title track “Demonize”, a certain pit starter for sure, it’s evident they are back in a very ferocious way. Vocalist Frank Pellerin works his hardcore roar all throughout, which is not any less furious than Jamey Jasta of HATEBREED.

Guitarists Carl Bouchard and Kevin Lemire provide the punk angry riffs on the next totally slamming cuts
“Deadweight” and “Awake”, while drummer Yan Chausse provides a solid effort behind the kit. There’s even a cool little guitar solo mid-way, which is always sweet to hear. Most bands today do not have the balls to play any kind of guitar solo.

The next head bangers come in the form of “Subtance”, “Clear”, and my personal favorite the BIOHAZARD influenced “Down Hearted”. While I don’t think the album is their best studio effort to date, it’s a standup effort and I feel this band still has tons of firepower. If they can build off of this comeback album, who knows what kind of masterpiece might still be possible. The album ends for me on a down note, however, with the throwaway tracks “Blue” and the redundant sounding “Warriors”.



A PERFECT MURDER – “Demonize” (CD)

(Lifers Records/2013)

1 – Demonize
2 – Deadweight
3 – Awake
4 – Substance
5 – Clear
6 – Down Hearted
7 – Blue
8 – Warriors

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ROCKET REVIEW: A PERFECT MURDER - "Demonize" (CD), 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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