ZAKK WYLDE – On Possibly Doing A PANTERA Reunion Show: “I’d Be Honored!”


Texas radio disc jockey Angela Chase of 97.1 The Eagle recently cornered the bearded one of BLACK LABEL SOCIETY on the radio during her May 11 show, and she got the former OZZY axe man to say: “I’d be honored!”, if he’s indeed asked to be part of any kind of future one-off PANTERA reunion event that would essentially bring back the surviving members (Rex, Philip, and Vinnie Paul) with Zakk Wylde as the guest guitarist.


Earlier this year a small army of devoted PANTERA fans began piling up on each other in honor of the late great rocking Texas metal band and to support the cause (obviously a sore subject to many, including Vinnie Paul himself), one by one on Facebook, until they started reaching past the 3,000 membership and now the rest of the world is taking notice. So much so, that now even the legendary guitarist – a good friend of Dime’s at the time of his tragic death in Dec/’04 – feels the idea isn’t such a bad one after all.

One thought on “ZAKK WYLDE – On Possibly Doing A PANTERA Reunion Show: “I’d Be Honored!”

  1. In all my days of being a hardcore Pantera fan and a very big fan of Dimes work. I would most deffinatly love to see a Pantera reunion show!! I would love to see Dimebag peform but due to his passing (R.I.P.) that wont happen. But i couldnt picture anyone else replacing Dime other then Zakk. Zakk and Dime were best friends. So i am most deffinatly looking forward to this amazing badass reunion Concert!!! R.I.P. Dimebag Darrell Lance Abbott and long live my favorite bad PANTERA!!! \m/ O.O \m/

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