UNDER THE OAK – Release New Music Video

UNDER THE OAK – Release New Music Video

UNDER THE OAK has unleashed a new music video for the song “Hymn For The Fallen”, from the debut album “Ripped Up By The Roots”, 2020. (WormholeDeath records). Video and editing by Terje Johansen (Metaworks).

“Hymn for the Fallen» is the new video from our debut album “Ripped up by the Roots”. The video celebrates the 1-year anniversary of its release. This product comes to you from the mighty Metaworks, our good friend and trusted companion. We are very happy with how it turned out. The video/song is about how we all fall from time to time, and it involves some pretty impressive acting from the band members. Well, maybe not true that last part, but the video is part serious, part humorous…just as we like it. Life is serious business, of course, but if you take it too seriously all the time, it becomes boring and tedious… We like to entertain and have fun with our music. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we are very serious about our music. We would like to extend our eternal thanks to those of you who enjoyed “Ripped up by the Roots”. We hope you’ll enjoy this video just as much.” – Bolverk


Jostein – vocals

Marius – drums

Hillbilly Bill – Bass

Bolverk – Guitar

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