TMD’s creator and editor, Randy “Rocket” Cody. has cranked out a brand new episode of THE ROCKET REPORT. He discusses the Chris Cornell death investigation, along with his latest hoax articles and so much more!!

Since its debut, TMD has rocked the foundation of the heavy music scene, establishing itself as the most widely viewed heavy metal news source in the world. Rocket’s acclaimed reporting has been published at all of the leading mainstream news sites, racking up over one billion impressions on Twitter since 2017.

To date, Rocket has cranked out 19,000+ posts at TMD site.

Whether it be hard hitting investigative dissertations, in depth interviews and reviews, Rocket’s fearless writing stands alone today, having earned the tag: “The Most Dangerous Rock N Roll Writer Alive.”

Rocket pulls no punches telling people how he sees things and his passion for the occult has mystified readers all around planet earth, digging deeper into the world of Satanic Ritual Abuse than any other journalist before him.

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